1. Getting an email from our local library telling me the latest Emily Henry book, Happy Place, I had on hold is now mine! I’ve been on a roll with my reading habit, so I’m excited to continue it with a book I’m pretty much guaranteed to love.

2. Lunch with a friend. We decided to meet up because she had to give me a few things to give to another friend, but more than that, it was just so nice to see her and enjoy a kid-free conversation about all the things!

3. Knowing I’m going to see all of my immediate family members this weekend in some shape or form!

4. Kaiden has a soccer practice/game tomorrow, and I’m so excited to see him play again. If y’all recall, when we first moved to GA in 2021, we enrolled him in soccer, but he refused to play. So we would go to every game, try and convince him to get on the field, fail, and sit and watch all the other kids play. It was a mess! But this time, he’s actually having fun and willingly playing. So crazy what a difference two years can make!

5. I’m hoping once we put the kids down tonight, Vishnu and I can get some quality time in. Maybe watch a movie or play a game or just sit and chat even. Our summertime evening routine feels a little drawn out sometimes, so once both kids are down, I just want to sit and close my eyes. But it’s Friday! And I want some time with my man!

BONUS! This pic!

I hope y’all have a great weekend!

By Parita

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