We are now at very beginning of the end. The end of 2023! This is an exciting six months for me because it’s the last I’ll spend in my 30s (my birthday is in January). Woo!

I spent a few minutes scrolling through mine and Vishnu’s joint calendar, and man, the coming months are full! School starting (and everything that comes with that), holidays, trips, conferences, etc. SO MUCH GOING ON! It’s exciting and (already!) exhausting.

That said, I’m trying my best to stick with a simple theme for these last 6 months – simplify, declutter, and most importantly, BE INTENTIONAL! With time, my own mind, relationships, physical/material things, etc. The simpler the better with everything.

Also, who would I be if I didn’t set some simple goals for the remainder of the year. Ha!


  1. Keep up with strength training 3x a week and aim for progress in weights and form
  2. Focus on protein centric meals and snacks
  3. Improve sleep by aiming for a minimum 7 hours of sleep a night


  1. Be more intentional with our time by planning it out more carefully. Create a good blend of core family time (just us 4) vs. time with extended family and friends, events, activities, etc.


  1. Read 6 books in 6 months!


  1. Schedule in think days to study, read, ideate and plan for the future.
  2. Continue intentional networking and relationship building
  3. Put myself ‘out there’ more in different ways (still working through what this looks like exactly)

And finally, my main goal for the rest of the year is to be in the now. I was recently reminded of how thin the thread of life is. And I truly believe the only way to get the most of life is to soak in what’s happening in front of us as it’s happening. BE HERE NOW!

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now. Would love to know what you’ve got going on for the remainder of the year. What are your goals? What theme is coming up for you? PLEASE SHARE!

By Parita

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