Y’all! We have a six year old. Can you believe it?! Kaiden can no longer tell you how old he is with one hand. Ha!

Six feels so big to me, even though he’s just a year older. Maybe it’s because he’s going to 1st grad. Or maybe it’s because I compare him to Mila and can remember him at that age like it was yesterday. Not sure, but this birthday was an emotional one for me.

AND lucky for K it was a super fun one too!

We celebrated his birthday with friends and family at his Tae Kwan Do studio, which was a total blast. And then on his actual birthday, Vishnu, K, and I had a fun adventure – Jurassic World, Taco Bell (!), and dessert. I loved getting some quality one on one time with him.

In terms of six, here’s where we’re at….

First and foremost, Kaiden is honestly the best big brother. He’s calm, kind, and gentle with Mila 95% of the time. I can totally see him being super protective when they’re both older. And Mila loves him right back. The first word out of her mouth every morning is Kaiden. So so sweet!

In terms of interests, Kaiden still loves anything that involves art – drawing, painting, crafts, etc. And I know I’m biased, but he’s pretty good too! He’s also still very much into building with legos, blocks, and beloved Magnatiles. And again, he’s pretty good. In fact, for the past few months, he’s been saying he wants to be an architect when he grows up!

Kaiden also has quite the imagination. He can turn a Kleenex into a dinosaur or some creature. Listening to his (out loud) self-talk when he’s playing by himself is one of my favorite things.

And finally, Kaiden still loves television – particularly shows like Spidey, Bluey, and Paw Patrol. We’re strict with what he watches, how much, and when (he has to get certain tasks done before the TV can turn on). But when I think about how much TV we used to watch (and honestly some of the shows!), I’m not worried!

Six also seems to be FULL OF ENERGY! Kaiden has tons of energy to burn until he doesn’t. I didn’t grow up with a brother, so this is all new to me, but Vishnu assures me it’s normal! We’re working on helping him understand the impact of his energy on others, which is way beyond him right now.

Six also lacks a bit of focus…but only with things he doesn’t want to do. Again, totally normal for anyone, and we’re working on it.

Six is also (still) full of tantrums and meltdowns, especially when tired or hangry. In our particular case, I’m trying hard to work on my reactions and triggers versus trying to ‘fix’ or help Kaiden. He’s a kid. He’s going to have these big emotions. I’m an adult. It’s not fair or right for me to have a big reaction to his big emotions. A work in progress, but I always have Dr. Becky in my head!

Other than that, I think once school starts in a month, six is going to be awesome. I see a lot of growth in Kaiden’s future! I can’t wait!

By Parita

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