All of my parent readers will understand why I titled this with trip and not vacay. I love my kids with every fiber of my being, but right now, travel with them is classified as a trip. Period.

But that’s ok because we all had a lot of fun this year in Miramar Beach, especially the two of them. And that alone was worth it!

Before I get into the details, I want to share a few mental notes I made 1. I can’t speak for all of FL, but in order to get the ideal home via Airbnb or VRBO for the panhandle, you need to start looking well in advance. I’d even venture to say 6-8 months in advance. 2. Miramar Beach is BEAUTIFUL! I had low expectations for the beach itself, but the sand was so soft and powdery and the water was clear and clean. Depending on what we find in terms of rentals, I would definitely go here again. 3. If you are a POC, know that some of the beach towns along the panhandle are not very diverse. As in, we were the only POC at the beach (until the very last day) and at most restaurants. I didn’t expect this to be honest, and it took me by surprise. I told Vishnu many times that it felt eerie.

Ok so now that I’ve shared those few things, let’s get into the details of our trip…

Where We Stayed

We started looking for places to stay a little too late in the game. We were hoping for something similar to last year – a home right on the beach, but that was nearly impossible to find at our price point. We found a condo type place across the street from the beach (a 5 minute walk), and it actually worked out ok. The home was a two bedroom/two bath, and while one of the bedrooms had bunk beds and felt like a renovated closet, we made it work! Like I said, we’ll start our search sooner next time.

Also, important to note, Miramar Beach and Destin often get looped into one, but they are in fact two different locations. We were on the side closer to Destin, which was nice because we could take advantage of the restaurant scene there.

What We Did

We went to the beach! LOL! But for real, with Mila’s nap time happening smack dab in the middle of the day, we would head to the beach after breakfast (normally before 9:30 am) and stay for a couple of hours. Honestly, I’m glad we didn’t try to pack in too much every day.

We did go to the pool in the after on our first full day, and Vishnu took Kaiden to an arcade the next day. But other than that, it was all about the beach for us!

What We Ate

Because we have little kids and because it’s more economical, we always bring food and visit a grocery store on the day we arrive. Breakfast, lunch, and one dinner happened at home.

For breakfast, we had some combination of bagels, eggs, yogurt, and fruit.

For lunch we had some combination of sandwiches, eggs, fruit, and veggies.

The one dinner we had at home was Greek yogurt mac n’ cheese and veggies.

In terms of eating out, we liked all the places we tried…

Mezcal Mexican Grill – great for kids, huge menu, good food, a cross between TexMex and authentic Mexican food.

Pazzo Italiano – not so great for little kids (I speak from experience!), sizeable menu, ok drinks, DELISH food!

Everkrisp – great for kids, casual, quick, healthy food!

Moo La La Ice Cream – perfect for kids, delicious ice cream!

And that’s our trip in a nutshell! Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help!

By Parita

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