I say ritual because the products I use definitely make it feel like more than a routine! But more on that in a minute.

Firstly, let’s cover some basics…

  1. You know your skin better than anyone else. You’ve been living with it for than X years. That said, just because these products work for me, does not mean they will work for you.
  2. Skin care is more than just the products you use. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that it’s also about the quantity and quality of my sleep, my stress levels, what I eat, how much I exercise, how much water I drink, etc. THIS IS KEY!
  3. I know the products I’m going to share are expensive. I also get it’s a privilege to get to use them regularly. But we all invest in something. This is what I choose to invest in. I don’t buy expensive clothes or shoes, I don’t go out to eat all the time, etc. I spend my money on things that help my skin. I’ve had acne most of my life, and these products help me feel better, so I use them. I get that not everyone feels this way or has had this experience, but it’s important to point out because I know someone is going to click on a link and see how much the serum I use costs and be like ‘what the what?’ Remember, we all invest in something(s). You get to choose.

That said, my routine isn’t dramatically different from what it was a year ago, and that’s because my skin is now consistently clear(er) than it ever has been. For those who’ve been following me for a while, you may recall that my acne flared terribly after Kaiden, and that I had to go back on birth control to tame it. After Mila, my experience was completely different. I still had some acne flares, but once I got into this new skincare routine, it calmed down and has stayed calm (fingers crossed!).

One more note before I share my ritual – I now know what’s going on with my skin and am able to give it what it needs. For example, if I feel like it’s getting irritated, I’ll switch things up and do the same ritual two days in a row versus sticking with the plan. It takes some time to figure out, but our bodies are always giving us clues as to what’s going on. It’s our job to listen and act accordingly.

Ok, with that, here’s my latest skincare ritual…


  1. Wash face with PanOxyl
  2. Ranavat Saffron Serum (3 drops)
  3. First Aid Beauty Moisturizer
  4. Either EltaMD tinted SPF or Live Tinted SPF

EVENING (I rotate my ritual every 3 days)

Day 1

  1. Wash face with Desert Essence face wash
  2. Optional step 2 – Use Ranavat exfoliating cleanser
  3. Ranavat Saffron Serum (3 drops)
  4. Ranavat Bakuchi Creme
  5. Ranavat Moonseed Oil Treatment

Day 2

  1. Wash face with Desert Essence face wash
  2. Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Serum
  3. First Aid Beauty Moisturizer

Day 3

  1. Wash face with Desert Essence face wash
  2. Drunk Elephant Retinol
  3. First Aid Beauty Moisturizer
  4. Ranavat Moonseed Oil Treatment

There you have it! My simple yet not so simple (and expensive) but worth it skincare ritual!

Leave me a comment if you have any questions or message me on IG!

By Parita

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