Happy Friday, y’all. Woo wee – what a week!

Let’s recap a little…

Indian cultural camp year one is done and dusted and what a fun week it’s been. Kaiden really enjoyed himself, made some new friends, and tried so many new things – food, activities, A DANCE, etc.

My big Fall project was also approved and will begin in August. I’ll share more in a separate post. Lots coming up for Awarify!

We leave for the beach tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be packing the car up with random things up until we pull out of the garage! Should be a fun and hopefully relaxing week!


I’ve been thinking about my level of focus during weeks like this one. It’s not great! I get stuck in a loop where I have 30 minutes here and there and that doesn’t feel like enough time for deep work. So I don’t do it. Instead, I waste time on social media or house tasks that could be bundled together and done at a later time.

Essentially, I’d like to be better about planning out my weeks and time blocking and batching (and sticking with it). I definitely have things to do and get done, but when time feels scarce and scattered, I tend to do minimal work.

Off the top of my head (literally thinking of things as I type), I think I’m going to take it back to the basics – looking at my calendar every Sunday and mapping out my priorities, being realistic about what I can achieve and when, and putting pen to paper every single day. I tend to be the most productive when I do this. And this is a simple method/habit that’s repeatable and doable.


This summer has been super hard for Kaiden so far. He really loved his school, his teachers, and his classmates. And when school ended, he was super confused and upset about the break. This is his first real summer because in prior years he’s been in daycare/pre-K, which continued on without a break.

To add to this, every week this summer looks different. Some weeks he’s at one particular camp/location, other weeks he’s elsewhere, and some weeks we’re on vacation.

The long and the short of it is that Kaiden isn’t someone who deals with change very well. He’s never been a great eater, but the way he’s been eating and acting around mealtimes is next level. He’s also more emotional and tantrumy right now. He gets mad at me (mostly me but also Vishnu sometimes) out of the blue. It’s been a little crazy around the past few weeks, y’all.

I do recognize that this is likely because of all the change, and so I’m just trying (key word trying) to be patient and set firm boundaries around some of his behaviors. As I always tell him, “It’s ok to feel XXX, but YYY isn’t ok and here’s what I’m going to do about that.” I also continue to fill him up with affirmations, ask him if he wants/needs a hug, and just spend quality time with him when possible.

I know this is a phase, and it’s truly good for him to become adept at change at such a young age (it took me 30+ years!). I want him to know that he is resilient and can do hard things. This is just part of the process!

Just know that if you’re in a similar boat, there’s nothing wrong with your kid or you. This is normal human behavior.


That said, Kaiden turns six at the end of the month! How?! So many emotions around this. For some reason, six feels big. He’s no longer one hand old!

I’ll share more thoughts around this later. I do think we need more people to talk about the 6-11 age range. I’ve mentioned this to friends recently, and it just seems like everyone talks about newborns, infants, toddlers, pre-teens, and teens, but we tend to overlook the 6-11 year olds. I am finding that this age is super fun, thoughtful and hard. Hard because Kaiden now understands more than he ever has before, he has the words to express himself fully, and yet, he’s still a baby in the grand scheme of things.

Again, I’ll share more later, but if you are also in this boat finding it challenging at times, know that you are not alone. We’re in this together!

Have a great Friday and weekend!

By Parita

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