For our [short] California , we left the house at 3:45 am on Friday and got home at 10:45 pm on Sunday. Phew!

I’m so so so glad I decided to go with Kaiden on this trip. He was excited about his mommy and Kaiden adventure (as was I) and told me about 10 times!

In terms of traveling with K, I knew after our spring break trip to California that the actual tavel part of it would be fairly easy. He watched parts of movies, ate snacks, drank OJ, stared out the window, used an iPad app to draw, and slept. Easy peasy compared too traveling with younger K!

I was prepared for our two hour and four hour layovers and packed markers, pencils, notebooks, coloring books, Uno, etc. I also packed SO MANY snacks…we probably ate 30% of them. Ha!

While we were in LA, Kaiden also did well, however, I could tell he was a little bored sometimes given he was the only kid there the whole time. I’m proud of him for quickly acclimating (it helps that we were at my masi’s house in March) and finding things to do/ways to help.

Personally, I found it easy to navigate everything with one older kid. I never really felt stressed or frazzled…except when people kept sharing their unfiltered opinions with me. LOL! Part of being with your big old Indian family I suppose.

For me, it was important to get as much time with my grandparents as possible. Given that the house was full of people, I think I was able to accomplish that.

In the two days we were there, we ate, we played, we laughed, we connected, and we created a lifetime worth of memories. Goal met!

I will say, goodbyes with my grandparents are the hardest because I never know if they will be the last. I cried a lot when we left on Sunday morning. I let myself feel my emotions and gave thanks for the time I’ve been given with these two important people. Beyond grateful (and hopeful for a next time).

All in all, Kaiden and mommy’s first solo adventure was a fun success. I highly recommend making time to do go on one-on-one trips with your kids if possible (even day trips!). I could tell Kaiden felt very very special.

By Parita

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