Have you ever set an ambitious goal for yourself only to find that it’s unattainable given your day-to-day life? I used to do this all the time (keep reading for examples!). I have an idea that could be a game changer for you, but I can’t take credit for it because I first heard about this on the Mel Robbins podcast. It’s too good not to share, and with my own personal examples, I hope you see how to put it into practice and achieve your goals more consistently.

In very simple terms, the idea is that when you’re setting goals, create a winning range versus adhering to one specific number.

I have a few examples. I used to be a 10k steps a day person. Until I couldn’t consistently hit that number every day. Now, my goal is 8-10k steps a day. This is a range I feel good about, and one that I can achieve most every day. What I’ve found is after setting this range goal, I tend to get very close to 10k, and sometimes I even exceed it.

I’ve also set a range goal for my workouts. Instead of saying, “I will work out 5 days a week,” I now say, “I will work out 4-5 days a week.” Y’all I almost always exercise 5 days a week! But the range gives me some leeway and doesn’t keep me fixated on one number.

I use this method in my business too. I have ranges for everything – number of blog posts I write, number of LI posts I share, number of networking calls I want to hold, etc.

When I tell you this works, trust me! I’m not quite sure what the exact psychology behind this method is, but I find it more doable and I also feel more in control of my goals. Like me, I’m sure so many of you face unknowns every day, and if we let those unknowns take over, we’ll never be able to stay on track with our goals. This method, the range method, gives you control and freedom within the framework. The key is to pick a range that challenges you but also gives you some leeway.

Also, don’t be surprised if this method turns you into a goal crushing machine! 🙂

By Parita

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