What does growing a garden entail? Well, I’m not a gardener, but I think I’ve got the very basics down.

First, you have to figure out what you want to plant. Then you get your soil ready and plant your seeds. Finally, you have to make sure your garden gets the proper amount of water, sunlight, etc. And every so often you go out and make sure everything is thriving, and if it’s not, you figure out the next steps.

I know I’m probably missing a few things, but that’s the gist of it.

Guess what…that’s exactly how our big visions and dreams come to life.

Get clear on what it is you want to do. Understand who you need to be, set up your environment/system to support you. Start taking inspired actions to move you towards your vision. Assess periodically and adjust as needed

Easier said than done, I know (trust me!). But here’s the thing, if you don’t take the first step to get clarity and keep moving through the process, you’re stagnant and life happens to you. You are no longer in the driver’s seat. Your dreams are just that…dreams.

Everything I’ve shared so far is the foundation of what I’m trying to build as a mindset and confidence coach with Awarify, as a podcast host with Momsanity, and as a story/truth teller with My Inner Shakti.

But I also know that me hearing from me will only take you so far. The thing that often gets the ball rolling is hearing someone else’s story.

With that, I’m excited to introduce a very special story to you about Preyasi Kothari, MD.

Through her 1:1 coaching services (via her NEW business!), Preyasi is passionate about helping busy women lose weight and re(find) themselves along the way using science.

How amazing is that?

Here’s the thing…Preyasi is no different from the rest of us. She’s a mom (x2), a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend., a doctor, and a new entrepreneur. Someone who goes through challenges and faces obstacles. She’s human!

But what makes her stand out is that she dreamed/dreams big, set up a foundation for her garden, and planted seeds. And she is now reaping the benefits of that, while assessing and adjusting and replanting.

She doesn’t just sit back and wait for someone to notice her. She’s putting her passion and gifts and creativity into the world, nurturing relationships, building a community, and grabbing hold of the opportunities that come her way.

Any number of things could stop her at any point, namely fear, but she doesn’t let them. She uses them to inform her decisions, and she keeps moving forward because…that’s how life works!

She knows that if she doesn’t go after what lights her up, she’ll never be able to make the impact she knows she can – in all aspects of life.

That said, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society also recognized that about Preyasi, and asked her to be their visionary of the year! This means Preyasi is speaking up about LLS and the impact they have on saving lives, as well as raising money for the organization.

Y’all, she’s a fund raiser right now on top of everything else.

You know what amazes me? She does it all with a smile on her face and calm in her voice. It’s inspiring to watch!

Preyasi is doing this not only because LLS nominated her, but she’s doing it for her childhood friend who passed away from cancer. She’s doing it for patients she’s interacted with. And she’s doing it so less of us have to go through the pain of this kind of diagnosis.

I’m so grateful for being introduced to Preyasi and for now being able to call her a friend.

If you want to support her LLS fundraising, please feel free to donate directly. And if you reside in the Atlanta area, please try and join her big fundraiser event – the Circles for Hope garba. It’s going to be so fun!

By Parita

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