What’s your weekend vibe? 100% chill/no plan/go with the flow? Packed to the max? Or a bit of both?

I would say we fall under bit of both category both in terms of intention and actual follow through. We thrive when we have a few plans and also chunks of time where we are doing nothing super structured. I’m guessing most people prefer this vibe.

This past weekend was a great example of how this works in practice for us.


Friday evening was nothing out of the ordinary. BUT I do remember that both kids ate all of their dinner (Costco quiche + salads for the win!). I want to say we played Uno with K after Mila went down, but I honestly can’t remember. It’s all a blur at this point.

But it was a good Friday…I am left with that feeling.


Saturday was our packed but still go with the flow day.

We headed to our local farmer’s market around 9:45 and hung out there until a little past 10:30. It was nothing spectacular to be honest. Kaiden did get a freshly squeezed lemonade that he enjoyed.

We then headed to my friends house for brunch. It was so fun (and delicious). Kaiden ended up staying there because…

…that same friend and her family came over to our place for a Thanksgiving feast later that night.

Y’all! I love love love Thanksgiving food. It’s the ultimate soul/comfort meal. You can’t go wrong with mac n’ cheese, potatoes (in any form), corn (in any form), bread (in any form), etc. AND my friend brought apple pie for dessert. I definitely changed into my Thanksgiving pants before the end of the meal! Get the reference?

What a fun day and a great example of flow + packed to the max. We did a lot but we still enjoyed all the various parts. A great day!


Sunday was a great example of a slow day. Vishnu and I each squeezed in a workout, we played, we watched TV, we prepped for the week ahead…but we did everything at a pace that served us, and it felt good.

My parents did come over in the evening for dinner, which was so nice for the kids and us! A great way to end the weekend.

If every weekend looked like this past one, I’d be one happy camper, but it’s always a mixed bag of busy, chaotic, chill, slow, etc. Pretty much the theme of most parents’ lives – mixed bag living!

Have a great Tuesday!

By Parita

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