Are you are a doctor, a financial expert, a tech professional, an influencer, a food blogger, a therapist, a coach, etc. who wants to get your brand/company/name out in the media?

I have just the tool/site for you…

HARO! [Help a Reporter Out]

Someone in my coaching community introduced me to this site, and it is such an innovative idea. Essentially, it connects the people I identified above (and more) with reporters/writers for different stories and articles.

Story categories I’ve seen include – Biotech and Healthcare, Business and Finance, Entertainment and Media, General, High Tech, Lifestyle and Fitness, Public Policy and Government, and Travel.

All I did was sign up on the site (free 99 version for now) with some basic information, and now I get three emails every day with a list of story ideas across industries/sectors. It takes a little time to sort through the list, but it’s absolutely worth it to get your name out “there.”

Once you identify a story you want to pitch for, you email the listed contact with your credentials and why you’re a good fit for their particular story. If they’re interested in connecting with you, you’ll get an email back.

I have my first pitch conversation tomorrow! It’s a story on fulfillment in the workplace. Fingers crossed!

Every time I look through the list of stories, I automatically think of some of my friends who would be just the right person…it’s a really cool concept that’s a total win win.

HIGHLY recommend checking out HARO and signing up if you’re interested in having your expertise showcased in a popular media outlet!

By Parita

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