Currently Reading

My reading habit has been mediocre at best this year. Hoping to have it pick up a little more over the summer! Kaiden and I are visiting the library on Monday, and I’m planning to pick up a couple of fiction reads to get me going again.

Currently, I’m a little over half way through Lighter by Yung Pueblo and am LOVING it! It’s such a simple yet beautiful book on how to live this one big (yet small) life we have. Highly recommend for all my introspective peeps.

Currently Eating

We are currrently obsessed with the cilantro chili Bitchin’ sauce. OBSESSED.

We later it on bowls, Mexican food, use as a dip, a spread. You name, we’re trying find a way to incorporate it.

HIGHLY recommend.

Currently Listening To

The Momsanity Podcast (duh) – heads up that the next three episodes are FIRE (IM(biased)O)

We Can Do Hard Things – every single episode gives me something to think about. It’s pretty incredible how they get in your head like that!

Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast – Simply put, this one is amazing. Exactly what you’d expect from MO. There are two episodes out so far – one with Hoda Kotb and the other with Tyler Perry. Both excellent and thought provoking.

Currently Watching

Succession season four (final season) is out and we are into it! I love this show for so many reasons (mainly the storyline and acting) and can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Ted Lasso (also final season) is out and I DON’T WANT THIS ONE TO EVER END. My love for Jason Sudeikis/Ted Lasso lives on. Such an incredible character. And I swear the other day I thought, “What would Ted do?” HA!

Looking Forward To

Summer! Kaiden will be attending camp for the majority of the time, and his day won’t start until 9 am. Also, the locations are closer to our house than school, so I can’t wait to have more relaxed days in that regard!

Also, one of my close college friends is getting married in June, and if I’m being honest, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Just so incredibly happy for her and can’t wait to see her walk into this new chapter of her life.

Note – I don’t believe marriage is the end all be all for anyone. I just know this friend very well and know this decision makes her happy…therefore, I’m happy.


As silly as it sounds, the stair basket I recently bought has been bringing me a ton of joy. It’s cute, stylish, removes all the clutter and mess from the bottom of our stairs, AND makes it 100x easier to carry everything up and down. Highly recommend!

From a parenting perspective, I’m loving the growing bond between K and Mila. Of course, they have their moments of screaming and crying (namely, when Mila grabs something away from K or whacks him over the head with something hard or throws something hard…we’re working on it!), but the sweet moments more than make up for that. Especially first thing in morning. Mila has to greet her brother almost right away, pat his head, give him a huge smile, and then the world can continue. THE SWEETEST!

Sweating To

Still Peloton! I’m slowing increasing my weight with certain exercises and loving the strength gains! It’s slow but steady progress.

I’m also loving all the Country rides on the app. I’ve never been a huge country music fan, but these rides have recently turned me on to it. So much so that I have a couple of Spotify stations/playlists saved!


A trip to the beach and a trip to Chicago! I can’t wait for both.

Can’t Believe

After the mass shooting in Nashville, it’s still hard to believe (and it honestly should be so hard at this point but still) that we aren’t doing something about the GUNS in this country. We can ban books, people, abortion (re: a woman’s right over her own body), etc, but we can’t ban weapons that KILL people….children.

I’m not going to get into it all here, and I totally believe we have a mental health crisis we need to address, but let’s start with the thing that makes the most sense. And to think that some states are essentially doubling down on creating easier access to f’ing weapons of mass destruction makes absolutely no sense given what’s happening.

Anyways. There are days where I can’t believe a country like this one can’t get it together for it’s own citizen, especially the most innocent ones.

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