One could argue that overwhelm and social media collided a long time ago! This is true, but I’m taking a slightly different and what I believe to be more recent phenomemon.

Regardless of the platform and the topic, it feels like everyone and their mom is an expert in something. At one point, my own IG feed was full of inspirational quotes, ideas, do this, do that kind of messaging. I really miss the days where we just shared bits and pieces of our lives for the heck of it!

Anyone else feel this way? Some days, when I’m on the lower end of the energy spectrum, even the most well intentioned message/post/story brings me down.

You could argue that this is a me thing, and you would be absolutely right. I do think the onus, in this case, is on the user to carefully monitor and trim where necessary.

And here’s a little trick I use to figure out where to trim. When my social media feed starts to feel overwhelming, I ask myself, “If this was the only account I could follow in XXX category, would I still choose to do so?” If you’re answer is yes, it stays. If your answer is no, mute of unfollow. It’s really as easy as that!

Personally, I like to follow accounts that are relevant to the stage of life I’m in and also ones that regularly use and share personal stories and insights. The minute someone starts sharing link after link or shares without context, I’m more likely to mute or unfollow.

With that, I’ve made it my mission to only share things that are relevant to me in the current moment/stage I’m in. For example, every thought I share on IG or this blog is somehow related to situations/experiences I’ve gone through/am going through. Every product I share is one I’ve used over time and/or am really excited about. Every recipe is one I’d make again. Every story I share (and I share many) is true. You get the point!

That said, if what I share ever brings you overwhelm, please feel free to mute/unfollow me! You have my permission (not that you need it!).

Bottom line – To reduce social media overwhelm, be picky and choosy about who you follow. Follow people who resonate with you and the stage of life you’re in. Follow people who energize you. Remember, you don’t have to follow the crowd when it comes to YOUR curated online space. Stay true to you!

By Parita

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