Hello hello! We’re back from our Spring Break 2023 trip Southern California.

It was an amazing week overall. The kids had blast, and Vishnu and I felt relaxed and refreshed (surprisingly). The flight over was a mess. Mila cried for the majority of the time, and I’m pretty sure the people behind us were super annoyed (#dontcare). The flight back was better. She slept on me for a couple of ours and was more fussy than anything else.

The highlight of the trip (if I had to pick only one) was having the kids spend time with my grandparents. Given that these are the only great-grandparents they’ll ever know in a sense made it extra special. Mila was definitely the star of the show in more ways than one at my masi’s house!

But truly, the whole trip was great. Everyone opened up their homes to us and made us feel welcome, and we did something special at every stop.

Gives me hope that we can travel like this more in the next year.

The first few days after flying back home were rough! We were going to bed later and sleeping in. The time difference (3 hours) plus the time change (+1 hour) really messed us up, especially me and K. To the point where we had to take Melatonin for a couple of nights to get us back on track. I’m hoping with school starting today Kaiden is back to normal, but we’ll see. I’m getting there and really trying to stick to a good solid nighttime routine. So far I’m doing ok. A few more tweaks and we should be good to go!

All of that to say, I’m still tired but getting better!

Coming Up Next…

The thing about moving back to the place where all of your family and friends are is that there’s always a next – event, party, thing. I absolutely love it to be honest, however, sometimes just looking at our calendar makes me tired! But it’s a blessing for sure.

That said, I’m being more cognizant of having ‘nothing’ days where we just stay home and play with the kids vs. having even a few hours of some activity in the books. I know we live in a go go go kind of world, but I think there’s so much to gain from slowing down and doing nothing planned. That’s what I miss the most from my pre-kids life/childhood.

We’re heading to my in-laws place this weekend to hang out with Vishnu’s family. We haven’t been to their house since August (!!!), so I’m really looking forward to it. We also have a Holi event this weekend that I planned with my friends. We should have over 150 people attending, so that’s super exciting. Kaiden had a blast last year, but unfortunately because of Mila’s age, Vishnu couldn’t make it…but this year he plans to be there. I can’t wait for Mila to experience her first Holi too!

Other than those immediate things, we have birthday parties lined up. Brunches/lunches/dinners/coffee dates with friends. Some summer/fall travel that needs to be planned out. Camps for Kaiden. Momsanity season 2 launching next week! And of course, the Awarify Coaching mission lives on!

Something I took away from our time away is just how very blessed and lucky we are to be surrounded by good peeps. It’s something most of us take for granted on a daily basis, but when you have good, solid people in your life, hold on to them tightly and tell them how much you appreciate them!

Ok, that’s all from me for now! Have a good Wednesday!

By Parita

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