It’s March 1, 2023. WHAT??! I’ll save y’all all the time is flying language, but I definitely feel like this year is zooming.

Time for some honesty. I have definitely fallen off my own bandwagon. Y’all, there have been no 4:30 am workouts, no stretching before bed, no reading, no journaling, no real sleep routine, more screen time than I’d like, etc. I’m not quite sure why February went in this direction, but my best guess is that I’m physically tired. We haven’t had many nights where one or both kids haven’t been up, so it’s been hard on that front.

Also, time for me to admit this to myself – I am not one of those people who can be productive and happy with less than 7 hours of quality sleep. I don’t function well without it. I just don’t!

So that said, I really hope March is my reset month in terms of my sleep health and general wellbeing stuff. Making that a goal!

This is next point is going to sound really dumb, but I’m going to share anyways. Vishnu and I started Succession in the last month, and that has truly messed up my nighttime routine. Or should I say I have let it mess everything up. I’m looking forward to finishing season 3 soon, and then being on that once a week schedule. Not starting any new shows any time soon!

Another goal of mine this month is to make it through our trip to California and just survive. I have low expectations in terms of the kids, sleep, behaviors, etc. This trip wasn’t intended to be a super fun trip to be honest. We’re mainly going to see my grandparents and have them spend time with the kids. I honestly don’t know when we’ll make it out there again, and I wanted to take K and M before one or both of them passes away. Sad reality but it is what it is. Thankful to have this time with them!

Other March goals are around Awarify Coaching. I’ve dropped the business ball a little this past month and am feeling the urge to jump back in. I have a few ideas I’m looking forward to trying out. Once we’re back from California and the kids go back to school, my plan is to go back to my 4 hours a day of dedicated work time. A lot of that was hijacked in February for various reasons so definitely looking forward to that.

What else? I’ve definitely been keeping up with my workouts so far…they just haven’t been happening early in the morning. I want to get back to that. I also want to get back to my goal of reading and stretching before bed. A must! And maybe I’m being too ambitious, but I want to start meditating. It’s been on my mind and heart for a while. I need to just jump in and start however imperfectly at first.

Another goal of mine is to take the kids to different parks in our area because the weather is perfect. Soon it will be super hot, and no one will be outside before 6 pm. Ha! Oh and I want to take them to brunch too. I love going out to eat with them (not as stressful as I make in my head).

Annnd that’s a wrap on March stuff + goals. I’ll follow up on how all of this goes. Even if I only get the sleep part down…fingers crossed!

Happy March!

By Parita

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