I can’t wait to get so much done this week (makes a nice long list).

The kids haven’t gotten sick for a while (knocks on wood).

I love my girlfriends.

What are we doing to eat for dinner this week (an eternal question)?

Oh s*** it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I still need to pull Kaiden’s cards together (wakes up early to get it done).

I truly dislike how every holiday is such a big deal.

Why won’t my kid listen to me?

Am I a good mom?

I jinxed us (Mila had a fever yesterday).

Is it Friday yet?

Man, I need this weekend away so bad.

Am I a bad mom for thinking that?

Should I still go to Nashville?

I’m going to go…everything will be ok.

I hope my friends want to sleep in!

I need to order groceries.

I need to make Vishnu some lists (mainly about what to feed the kids).

Why do weekends away feel like so much work?

Am I a good mom (the question that keeps coming up this week for some reason)?

Happy Friday, y’all. Make it a good one.

By Parita

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