Hello hello! I hope y’all are having a good week.

My week has been…ok so far. If i’m being honest, I had a really hard evening with Kaiden this week that led to lots of guilt, and then to top it off, I had to pick him up early from school yesterday because he wasn’t feeling well, except he was fine from a very outward perspective. He didn’t eat lunch at school, he said he felt dizzy and tired, and his teacher said he wasn’t being his normal chipper self.

I took him to Chik-Fil-A where he ate an entire kid’s meal, and then we went home before heading out again to pick up Mila. No fever, tons of energy, etc.

I asked him several times if something happened at school that made him feel bad, if someone did or said something. I told him that he can trust me and that only with the truth can I help him. He said nothing happened.

Also, I should note that even though we had a rough evening the night before, I did do a lot of repair. I let him know that my feelings and emotions are mine to own and that he can never make me feel a certain way. I am responsible for me.

Anyways, he was fine this morning, so off to school he went.

So yeah…my week has been a little up and down so far. Hopefully it’s a little more neutral from here on out.

Momsanity Bonus Episode

If you haven’t seen or heard yet, Amy and I released a Valentine’s Day bonus episode featuring our husbands! We talked about our personal V Day stories, leisure time and who gets it, and the ways we feel loved.

Y’all! This was such a fun episode to record. Having a specific topic to delve into was interesting, as were the stories that surfaced. Definitely recommend tuning in with your partner…it’s guaranteed that you’ll have some lively discussions afterwards!

I also loved talking about the ways we feel loved because we were not only acknowledging what felt loving to us, but I personally also felt good hearing what Vishnu had to say because that validated the loving side of me too and made me want to do those things more. For example, we were watching TV together last night, and I told him to put his head in my lap. That small act makes him feel loved, and I was so happy to give that to him. And he cleaned up the kitchen on his own and told me to sit it out. That made me feel so happy and loved, which I’m sure made him feel good too.

All of this made me realize how important it is to verbalize our thoughts and feelings. Most of us live in our heads, but if we don’t tell people what we’re thinking, or in this case, what makes us feel loved, how will we ever get what we need? The short answer is…we never will!


Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now. Here’s to an uneventful day! Make it a good one.

By Parita

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