Home. How do you define it? What feelings does the thought of it bring up?

These are questions that have been coming up for me in different ways. Day-to-day through my parenting and the environment I try to create for my kids is one of the biggest ways. Also via articles/blogs and podcasts. So needless to say, I’ve been thinking about this a lot!

When I was younger, home was definitely the literal structure we lived in. Then once I left for college, I equated home with comfort (and the structure). A place I could always retreat back to.

Now, home to me is anywhere and anyone I can be myself around. So yes, my house is home. But more importantly, lots of the people in life feel like home.

Looking at this slightly differently, writing in my journal feels like home. When I coach, I also feel like I’m home. Reading a good book also feels like home. Working out also feels like home.

If I feel like I am myself in any given moment, I am home.

This little boy, my firstborn, definitely feels like home!

We all have to define it for ourselves, but my perspective is so comforting to me because when I look at it this way, home is never too far. It also helps me assess if something or someone is really for me. If it/they don’t feel like home, I’ll probably keep my distance a bit.

I’d love to hear from you. How do you define home? When do you most feel at home?

By Parita

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