Y’all! It has been a week! Let’s jump right in…

5.5 years old

Kaiden is a little over 5.5, and man, just when I thought we were hitting our stride, he’s ‘growing’ emotionally in some big ways. This comes with a lot of BIG emotions and feelings, which I’m used to. But it also comes with a bit of attitude and blame (towards me mostly) and irritability. I’m doing my best to acknowledge, validate, set boundaries, etc., but boy has my patience been tested over the past few weeks. I have not handled every bit as well as I would have liked, but I’m trying and learning and working through this with Kaiden. My core message to him is that he’s a good kid who has a hard time sometimes just like I’m a good mommy who has a hard time sometimes. We are all good inside! Not sure if any of it is sticking, but Wednesday night showed me that maybe it is. He had a little breakdown and moved passed it quickly by finding a solution. We shall see what the weekend holds!

Work Projects

What I absolutely love about what I do now is that I get to choose and prioritize what I work on. This is amazing and so empowering and fulfilling, but it also comes with a bit of ‘I want to do everything and work with everyone!’

As of right now, I have my Awarify work/projects/coachees, which is my bread and butter! I also have Momsanity work/projects/podcast stuff I do with Amy. And at the moment, I’m also working with two friends and fellow entrepreneurs on a project/event. All amazing stuff and work that’s worth doing, but when you really only have 4 hours, 4 days a week to work, it’s a lot! But all in all, I’m so lucky to do what I do, and I 100% recognize that!

In terms of the above, if you’re interested in participating in some of what we have going on, here are a few key dates!


I am hosting a free Zoom call on 2/2 at 8:30 pm about ‘The Who Bag,’ one of my favorite concepts I learned about in coaching school. I’m choosing to start with this because it’s so foundational to why we are the way we are, who we are, and why we think the way we do.

If you’re interested in joining this call, send me an email at awarifycoaching@gmail.com. I’ll add you to the invite!


Amy and I are so excited for the launch of season 2 of the Momsanity Podcast at the end of March, AND before that happens, we have another special bonus episode going live on February 14th with our husbands! Stay tuned for that.

We are also hosting our second monthly community call on February 16th at 9 pm EST. The main topic of this call will be confidence. It’s going to be so good, I know it!

Here’s to an Empowered YOU!

My friends Chitra, Preyasi and I are hosting a free Zoom event on 3/16 at 8:30 pm EST. This one is for all the ambitious women out there who want to be more empowered financially, physically, and mentally. This will also be a really fun and inspiring event! I’ll share more about how to sign up in the coming month.

New Furniture

Even though we’re nearing 40, Vishnu and I have yet to own a ton of nice furniture that we bought with our own money as grown adults. Over the past 10 years, we’ve piece mealed our homes with whatever we had, adding Ikea pieces as we went along.

Well, we finally worked with a designer at a furniture store to complete our bedroom and living room. Our bedroom furniture was delivered this week, and it’s so exciting to see because we’ve never had our room look so put together. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all simple pieces, but they actually go together and look nice! And knowing us, our room will look like this for the next 10 years (if not more!).

I can’t wait to see how our living room turns out! We haven’t had a coffee table (and even that was Wayfair) since right before Kaiden was born!

The Weekend

What are y’all up to this weekend? We don’t have too many plans, but what we have planned is fun!

I have a hair appointment on Saturday morning at 8 am to get my hair highlighted (it’s been nearly a year!). And then later that evening we have a progressive dinner in our neighborhood, but we’ll only be going for the appetizer portion…because after that we have a 40th birthday party for our good friends.

Phew! Sunday will most certainly be a chill/rest day! Maybe we’ll go out for some ice cream with the kids or out to dinner even.

These days I try not to hype up the weekends too much in case someone ends up being sick, but fingers crossed that we’re able to squeeze in some good quality family time in too!

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

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