I don’t know why I’m so excited it’s Friday. Vishnu’s going out of town today-Monday on a guy’s trip, so I’m the primary parent, BUT my parents will be here too. That should make the load slightly less heavy (literally and figuratively).

Regardless, I am excited to get some time to rest, relax, and recover (mostly, Mila!).

Let me catch you up on some Friday things…

Hand Foot Mouth

Mila started showing signs of HFM last Saturday afternoon. What started as a low-grade fever + an eczema flare + a few small bumps, evolved into full-fledged HFM. It was/is bad, y’all. Poor baby!

Her fever ceased on Wednesday, and her sores started crusting over yesterday. However, the saga continues because she also had diarrhea yesterday. I texted my sister and she said this can happen with HFM, so we’re just keeping an eye on it for now.

On top of all this, she has a cold and is teething.

Oy vey! I hope this is the last of these illnesses…for a while at least!

Me Thinking I Had HFM

Ok, so this is funny and it’s not. Because I’ve been so worried about catching HFM from Mila, I’ve been monitoring every little thing I feel of the whole week. A slight tickle in my throat! Is it HFM? My hand are itchy! Is it HFM?

Anyways, on Wednesday night, I started feeling super duper cold (like standing in the middle of Chicago on a windy/cold day) and exhausted. Then my throat felt sore every time I swallowed, and I could’ve sworn I had HFM. I made Vishnu look in my ears and my throat to see if he saw anything odd.

He told me to take some Advil and a shower. I did just that and got in bed extra early.

THANKFULLY, I felt ok in the morning. No sore throat, etc.

However, I’ve still been having those cold spells where I get super cold all of a sudden. Nothing a little Advil can’t take care of!

Fingers crossed this isn’t the start of something else!

True Self-Care

After all of the above and really just feeling so so exhausted this week (no sleep, carrying around a 20+ pound baby everywhere, etc.), I’ve come to realize that true self-care is slowing down. Slowing down your movement, yes, but also slowing down your thoughts, your mind, ALL OF IT!

I’m known for moving fast in all regards, but as I get older, I’m learning that while yes, that may be boost my productivity, it’s doing nothing for my sense of wellbeing and the stress I carry around. And stress, as we get older, is a killer.

I’ll share more about my thoughts on this in a separate post, but it’s something that’s definitely on my mind a lot.

The Power of Friends Who Show They Care

After I became a mom, I lowered the bar for all of my friends because I knew from experience that it was harder to constantly keep in touch and ‘be there’ for other people when you have a tiny human ruling your home. I give more grace now for sure!

However, the power of friends who show they care is immeasurable. A simple text/call can go a LONG way, and I’m so thankful to have a handful of people who constantly show they care.

This is something I try to do when I know someone is going through something, and in 2023 I want to be better about sending random ‘I’m thinking of you’ messages because I know how good they make me feel when I receive them.

Good friends are worth their weight in gold for sure!

‘She Said’

Vishnu just showed me the trailer for this movie, and I’m so excited to watch it. I don’t know what’s going on with me but I teared up AT A TRAILER!

The Me Too movement was such a powerful one. And hopefully one that completely unravels the system of sexual misconduct/abuse/etc. I also hope it serves as a warning to people in power that even they can fall.

I’ll share more once we watch the movie. It looks like a good one.

And that’s all she wrote because she’s tired and plans to get up at 4:30 to work out and be productive before the rest of the humans in her house takeover her life!

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

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