Are you a podcast listener? Per my random Google search, there are over 5 million podcasts out right now! That’s quite the number.

I specifically love them during long drives, when I’m folding/putting away laundry, or going for a walk.

If you haven’t found a handful you love, don’t stress! I’m sharing 11 of my favorites today.

Ok, here goes!

#1 Momsanity

Have you listened to this super awesome podcast called Momsanity? The hosts are super fun, down to Earth, and really relatable. I highly recommend you listen because their motherhood content is authentic and from the heart!

I kid (not really!), but I couldn’t start a top podcast list without sharing my own.

#2 We Can Do Hard Things

Truth-telling. Raw. Inspiring.

#3 Good Inside

Community. Practical. What she says works!

#4 Hidden Brain

Smart. Relatable. Expert driven.

#5 A Bit of Optimism

Smart. Leadership. Realism.

#6 Peds Doc Talk

Relatable. Knowledgeable. Diverse topics.

#7 Unruffled

Parenting. Gentle. Perspective.

#8 On Purpose

Interviews. Deep. Insightful.

#9 The Daily

News. Storytelling. Relevant.

#10 The Marie Forleo Podcast

Fun. Inspiring. Advice.

#11 The Mel Robbins Podcast

Direct. Authentic. Fun.

Ok your turn – what are some of your favorite podcasts right now?

By Parita

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