Have you watched any good movies lately?

I’ve been super picky about what Vishnu and I watch together after the kids go to bed. It needs to be worth my time, especially if it’s going to push my bedtime back by an hour plus!

I’m happy to tell you that I have two movie recs that are Parita approved!

We watched Glass Onion first since Vishnu had already seen Knives Out. And it didn’t disappoint in terms of it’s entertainment factor.

I won’t give too much away, but you can go into knowing it’s a modern murder mystery that’s equal parts funny and suspenseful. It’s also a fun watch because the various plot lines mock society and how we behave and what we value (we being a very general term).

Kate Hudson did an amazing job playing her character – she cracked me up. But Daniel Craig stole the show! I’m really only familiar with him as James Bond, but he took his detective character to the next level with a New Orleans drawl. Too good!

One thing I will say is that the movie overall is predictable – meaning you may be able to figure out whodunit before the end.

Because I loved Glass Onion so much, I asked Vishnu if we could watch Knives Out next even though he’s already seen it. He like that one a lot too, so he was game.

Personally, I loved Knives Out a bit more than Glass Onion. It’s not as funny and a bit darker, but I loved the flashbacks and family dynamics, as well as the overall storyline.

In terms of characters, Daniel Craig also stars in this one as the same detective, and he kills it! So so good!

Anyways, if this post doesn’t convince you to make these your next two movie night movies, I don’t know what will. Thank me later!

By Parita

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