Winter Break 2022 + Sickness

Hello from the land of ‘someone is always sick.’ I believe most of you are right there with us! Sending so much love because…it’s not easy. Thankfully, for us, it’s been manageable, but I know for so many this cold/flu season has meant lots of doctors visits as well as hospital time. Hoping it’s behind us sooner rather than later.

Winter break officially started yesterday, and we were supposed to go to an indoor water park with friends. Kaiden was SO excited. Because he was super congested and had an awful cough yesterday morning (plus I didn’t feel too great either), we decided to reschedule our trip. So thankful we did because he spiked a fever this morning. My mama’s intuition was spot on with this decision.

Now I’m just hoping I can keep him and Mila apart and keep her healthy…

Wish me luck!

Other than that, things are pretty status quo around here. Vishnu has this week off so that’s been really nice (especially with a sick kid!). We’re still sending Mila to daycare on her normal schedule (for many reasons!).

Christmas Plan

What are y’all up to for Christmas? We’re getting together with family at my sister’s place this year (hopefully!!!). And it looks like we’re going to have a Mexican feast for lunch! I can’t wait to spend the day with my niece Layla – it’s her first Christmas!

Parenting Things

Yesterday, as I was sitting with Mila during dinnertime, I thought about how different siblings can be. Everything about Mila is so fierce. When she wants something, she knows how to get it. Looking back, Kaiden was a lot more calm (even though at the time we didn’t think so). Mila’s also a pretty good eater. Kaiden was never a fan of food. He’d much rather talk and play! Physically, Mila surpassed Kaiden in milestones. She’s also a better sleeper overall (knocking on all the wood!). All in all, I still think both my children are nearly perfect in their own ways!

That thought then got me thinking about how kids often feel like parents favor one sibling over another. And to be completely honest, before I had kids, I often thought my parents favored my sister over me (for good reason!). Now that I’m a mom, I don’t think it’s as much about favoring as it is approaching your kids as individuals. They’re unique beings that need different things. It’s impossible and unfair to compare one to another. And as my mom used to say, it’s like picking your favorite finger. Impossible because they’re all important in different ways!

Harry and Meghan

Vishnu and I finished the ‘Harry and Meghan’ documentary. And I will say that it left me feeling for them. I do think they’re both trying to do good things on their own terms. Being royal just complicated that a bit.

The other thought I had while watching is that most people know (from the tabloids) that Harry always did things in his own way. Being 6th in line to the throne, he had more room for that. Why is anyone surprised that he decided to leave everything behind for freedom? It does seem like repairing his relationships with his dad and brother will probably be tougher now, but he likely doesn’t care (hence this documentary).

If you haven’t watched yet, I’d recommend it. It’s not riveting but it does make you think more about celebrities, the media, and the stories that sway us.

Momsanity – Dream, Create, Achieve

Amy and I are so excited about our group coaching program that will launch in January. Look I know times are tough, and thinking about investing in yourself is even tougher right now, but if you have any inclination to join us, I hope you sign up because life is too short to keep putting your dreams and goals last. You will walk away with a vision, a plan, increased confidence, and a renewed sense of fun and joy. AND the best part of group coaching – you’ll be surrounded by likeminded mamas who will be rooting for you and your journey!

Awarify Coaching

And in case you’ve forgotten about my other baby, I’m here to tell you it’s still here and thriving! I have so many plans for Awarify in 2023! I’m going to make it my best year yet. First thing, an internal summit on January 4 (the first day our home will be kidless for a few hours…I hope!) to think through strategy, action items, and plans. I CAN’T WAIT!

Ok, that’s enough updates for now! I’ll be back soon.

I know I say this every few months, but I love this space so much. Long form blogging will always be my #1 way of communicating and writing. I want to show up here more often in 2023. I’m making it one of my goals to write here at least 2-3x a week.

By Parita

2 thoughts on “Life Lately – Winter Break 2022, Sickness, Christmas Plans, and More”
  1. I fully agree about the Harry and Meghan doc. I’m not one to get into celebrity news so despite being british, didn’t know the full extent to which the media treated Meghan. I know the Royal Family are a brand in their own right and Harry is fully within his right to choose freedom. I like to think the relationship with his Dad and Bro aren’t as bad as people are making out, I didnt think he was rude or insesitive to them but much of what they are allowed to do or think is dictated by the institution they are a part of so you never quite know how it is for him. I do think Meghan came across really well and am happy that Harry found someone with so much personality.

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