Y’all it’s December 1st! What? How? Crazy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about living more intentionally. What it means for me, what it looks like, what I can do to do just that.

As I was thinking about being at the start of the end of 2022, two things came up for me. Two things that will hopefully help me (and maybe even some of you) end the year on a high note.

  1. SLOWWWWW DOWN! Maybe you’re already a slow (in a good way of course!) person, but I am not! I got fast even when I don’t want/need to go fast. So with that, I’m declaring December 2022 the month I slowwww all the way down. I’m going to (try to) talk slower, walk slower, eat slower, etc. All with the intention of really experiencing whatever is happening, instead of trying to rush to the next thing. I think this will help with my ability to be more mindful and present.
  2. Put my phone away in a random drawer when I’m with the kids. Put my phone away at 8:30 (one hour before bed), and not look at my phone again until 7 am. Basically, I’m looking to break up with my phone at critical points in the day! I know I feel a certain kind of way and someone I truly want to spend time with has their phone glued to their side. I don’t want to (continue to) be that person. It’s rude, it’s unnecessary, and it’s doing nothing to build connection and presence.

To stay accountable, I’ll share a progress report (it will be pretty subjective albeit honest!) at the end of the month.

YOUR TURN – Now I want to know…how are you planning to end 2022 on a high note?

By Parita

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