I can’t believe my baby girl is one. October 2021-October 2022 was seriously the quickest period of time in my life so far. It zoomed by in lighting speed!

But this post isn’t about time – it’s about Mighty Mila! So let me share a little more about her at one…

Mila still loves to sleep. Prior to starting daycare she was napping for 3-4 hours during the day and sleeping about 11-12 hours at night. Now that she’s in school, her naps are a little hit or miss (but getting there…she already napped for an hour today!), but her nighttime sleep is fine. She does occasionally wake up at night screaming. We pause for about 5-10 minutes and then proceed from there. Most of the time she’s able to go back to sleep on her own. Hoping she/we stay blessed in the sleep department!

In terms of food, Mila is now officially on a true solids diet. Our formula days are over! And boy does Mila love to eat. Fruits are her favorite, especially berries, but she’ll try anything and I love that about her. She’s also taken to Indian food, which is awesome to see. Feeding her is a joy, and I’m trying to enjoy this time because soon enough she’ll have her preferences…and that will bring with it what it will!

We’re still having a tough time getting her to drink milk in a cup, but there’s little progress every day, so I’ll take it. I went the cold turkey route with bottles because she’s really good with water in her straw cup. She either doesn’t love milk (and that’s ok because she gets dairy in her meals) or she’s just not used to drinking anything other than water out of a straw cup. I think she’ll be fine in the next month or so, but she definitely prefers solids over liquids.

Her temperament (so far) is very sweet and silly, but she can also go after what she wants and/or demand it. We’ve noticed that she’s a little quiet and reserved in larger groups, but when it’s just us or close family, she’s much more lively.

Mila loves to play with things that are not actual toys. She also loves to play with whatever her brother is playing with at the time, which is proving to be interesting! She loves reading books, dancing, clapping, and playing hide and seek (she just slaps her face to ‘hide’ it!).

While she’s definitely a less emotional and calmer baby than K was (at least for now), Vishnu and I talk about how she’s going to give us a run for our money as she gets older. Honestly though, that’s my hope for her. To really know that she’s capable and intelligent and funny and kind and worthy of it all. And if she makes us sweat along the way a little…so be it!

Other than that, the only notable thing is her hair. She has SO MUCH of it! Her daycare teachers have been putting it all up in a little pony/bun, and it’s so cute! I usually do half up/half down hairdos. In any case, I’ve been debating about whether or not we take her to get a haircut. My gut says no for now, but shall see. It’s pretty wild!

State of big brother

I can’t not share about my other baby while I’m here. Kaiden is doing really well. He still has his outbursts where he goes from happy and calm to upset/angry/whining/crying. We’re working on it with him! But overall, he’s the sweetest kid. He loves his sister and really watches out for her, but you can tell he’s also starting to get a little annoyed by her toddler ways (re: knocking down his stuff).

In terms of school, I just had a parent teacher conference with his teacher, and she shared that he’s a very patient child. He’s also very kind. Both of these comments made my mama heart swell. We also talked about focus (or rather the lack of) and how we’re slowing helping him build it (karate, Legos, etc.). She said it’s also an age thing. In either case, he’s doing great!

We’ve also recently discovered that Kaiden is a little fish. We started him in private swim classes last week, and he absolutely LOVES it. His instructor has to stop him from just jumping in. So fun to watch!

State of mom and dad

While we’re here, let me share a quick update about me and V.

Vishnu’s doing well. Work is good (he still loves it!). He’s working on more than he ever has, which is so awesome to see. He’s also fully embracing various house projects and tinkering around with all that constantly. Football season is also now here, so he’s enjoying that and even has some games lined up that he’s going to with friends.

I’m also doing well. This week in particular was hard because Mila started daycare. I’m fine now, but man Tuesday was tough! Mila is on a 4 day/week schedule, so I’m thinking most weeks I’ll keep her home with my on Fridays. A little mommy and Mila day!

Awarify is now on it’s 3rd lifecycle, which is exciting! I have SO MANY ideas and projects I want to tackle but constantly have to remind myself that owning your own business is a ultramarathon not a sprint! With Mila in school during the day, I have more time to really focus on Awarify and Momsanity, and then when the kids are home, I’m all theirs. It’s a nice balance!

Speaking of Momsanity, if you got this far (thank you!) and are a mom who’s looking for a fun and FREE event to attend in early December, be sure to sign up for our virtual end-of-the-year Momsanity event on December 8 at 12 pm EST! It’s going to be awesome.

Again, thanks for reading and the support (for everything I’m doing!). You have no idea how much it means to me. Lots of love!

By Parita

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