Happy happy Friday, y’all!

If I drop off this space for the next week or so, please know it’s because we’re MOVING on Tuesday! AHH! So much to look forward to and so much overwhelm at the moment. I just keep telling myself that in a few weeks time we’ll be settled in our new home and routine. Just gotta get to that point!

Momsanity Ep. 5 and December Event

Before I jump into Friday stuff, I want to share a little bit about the Momsanity Podcast episode that went live on Wednesday.


In this episode, Amy and I talk about the mental load, which we believe is the hardest part of being a mom. And I have so many mom friends who say the same. It’s the weight of ALL the stuff…not just your own but everyone else’s too. While there may not be a way release it completely, there are certainly a few things we can do to shift the weight. If you feel this weight on your shoulders on a day-to-day basis, I highly recommend tuning in to this specific episode.

Speaking of Momsanity, Amy and I are also in planning mode for our first free event on December 8th. In fact, we brainstormed on Tuesday night exactly how we see it unfolding, and it’s going to be SO FUN! If you want to be one of the first to know about this event and all other things Momsanity, please sign up here!

Ok, on to Friday stuff…

Dr. Becky – Good Inside Membership + Book

Those who know me well know that once I’m obsessed with something I can’t shut up about it. And that is 100% the case when it comes to Dr. Becky and her Good Inside Membership (and IG page and podcast). I joined last week and have already watched two workshops. And honestly (very honestly), I’m blown away by her approach, perspective, tips, strategies, etc. It’s been a game changer with Kaiden already, especially because I do believe he’s what Dr. Becky calls a Deeply Feeling Kid (DFK). If you’re going to invest in any parenting platform, I’d say this is an amazing one. Not only is her material amazing, but her community is also super supportive, vulnerable and honest. I’m so in love with this resource!

I also bought Dr. Becky’s book – Good Inside after listening to her on Glennon Doyle’s podcast. I haven’t started it yet but plan to dig in next week after the move! Can’t wait to share more.

Backstreet Boys

After listening to Disney soundtracks on repeat whenever we’re driving somewhere (which is all the time), I decided enough is enough and I played Backstreet Boys. Lucky for me, Kaiden let me listen to a few songs before strongly requesting Tangled. Ha!

Speaking of Backstreet Boys, are you team BSB or team N’Sync? I loved both growing up, but BSB wins by a slight margin for sure! The songs/lyrics are just too good!

Nighttime Routine

Y’all! When we’re settled in the new house, my wake up time will be 4:30 am on the dot if I want to workout, shower, etc. Kaiden will need to start waking up at 6 (as will Vishnu) and Mila at 6:30. Woo wee! It’s going to be interesting but doable.

I really need to solidify a nighttime routine for myself. While I can wake up at 4:30 after going to bed at 10 pm…I’m a freaking zombie during the day. And that’s not helpful at all.

I need to be in bed, eyes closed by 9:30 (I’m a 7 hour of sleep a night kind of person). Right now, I average 10 pm as a bedtime, but I have to find ways to get to sleep sooner.

Vishnu and I are done cleaning the kitchen by 8:00-8:15, which means I have a good 45 minute to an hour to relax and do whatever I need/want before heading into some kind of routine. One that includes skincare and reading for sure. Will keep y’all posted on this!


I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries lately, and specifically how to state them in a kind way.

In a conversation with my mom earlier this week, I shared a boundary with her in a calm, loving way, and she called me later to tell me how much she appreciated the way I delivered that particular message.

That just got me thinking about how in order to honor other people, we need to honor ourselves first. We need to think about things from a calm/kind/loving perspective in order to deliver a message that carries that same kind of emphasis.

I’ll share more on my thoughts around this again soon, but it’s just something that’s been on my mind lately…

With that, I hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

By Parita

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