Y’all! It. Has. Been. A. Week. Parenting front. Marriage front. Self front. All of it. But Friday-Sunday were great. Thankful for a few good days after a crazy week.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to get any less crazy because…


…we bought a house and are moving next week!

After 10+ years of renting, we are finally homeowners! More than anything, I’m excited to give the kids a little more space and a backyard. Woo!

Will share more as things unfold.

On to weekend stuff…


Kaiden had his very first field trip to the Museum of Puppetry, and he LOVED it! His first school bus ride as well. I loved seeing all the update pics throughout the morning. Kindergartners are so dang cute!

While Kaiden was watching a puppet show, I recorded the final two episodes (of season one) of Momsanity with Amy. So so good…we were on fire if I do say so myself! And for those of you who are wondering, there will be a season two early in 2023!

Later in the day, after picking K up from school, I took both kiddos to a nearby park. Unfortunately, there were hundreds (or what felt like hundreds) of kids running around. Kaiden didn’t get to have quite the kind of fun he was hoping for, but he made do.

Side note – big kids who have zero playground etiquette get on my nerves and make me so mad! Just saying!

After the park, we walked to a new hoagie place to pick up dinner. It was good but not great, so we probably won’t be trying it again. I got a cheese sandwich for K, and it was literally a mini sub roll and cheese. No mayo/mustard, lettuce or tomatoes. I added some from my own sandwich.

Also of note…I successfully put two kids to bed all on my own…and on time! Even after 11 months, this still feels like a win. Vishnu was working a 4-10pm shift from home, so he took Mila while I gave K a bath, but after that, I was on my own.

I had big plans for my solo evening. A mask, a book, and an early bedtime. None of that happened. I fell asleep on the couch, woke up to clean the kitchen, and then went back to sleep on the couch. HOT MESS! Oh well, I was pretty exhausted…!


Can someone tell my why a child who has to be pulled from his bed at 6:30am Monday-Friday wakes up at 6:15 on his own on the weekends? I’ve got nothing!

But said child came and got in bed with us for about 30 seconds before shaking me to tell me he’s hungry. Downstairs we went!

After breakfast, our family of four head to the doctor’s office so the kids could get their flu shots. Shots are never fun, but this was quick and easy.

And then I got to go to Trader Joe’s…ALONE! It was magical. Ha!

The highlight of Saturday was a little day date with Vishnu. Believe it or not, but we haven’t been on a true date since before Mila was born. As in, he and I hadn’t been to a restaurant just the two of us in over a year! CRAZY!

Thankful that my parents could come over to watch the kids on short notice so the two of us could get some time alone.

We went to North Italia, and the food was delicious. For my entree, I ordered the burrata stuffed pasta, and it was worth every bite. In fact, Vishnu said that’s what he would order if we ever went there again.

Side note – I love that restaurants are sharing calorie counts on menus, but I also hate it. Like do I really want to know that my entree has over 1000 calories. Nope.

The rest of the day included at home fun, and a movie night with my boo! We watched ‘Wedding Season‘ on Netflix and really enjoyed it. A fun watch for sure.


Said child woke up at 6:15 again! He played in his room until the chair he was rocking in toppled over. Then he screamed, so mommy had to run in to 1. make sure he’s ok and 2. make sure he didn’t wake his sister up.

At that point, I realized there was no getting back in bed for me, so we headed downstairs to make breakfast – croissants, cheesy eggs, and fruit. YUM!

The rest of the morning included a very vibrant conversation with Vishnu about mom guilt and everything that comes with.

Vishnu took Kaiden to the park a little later and met up with a med school friend of his who recently moved to Atlanta.

The rest of my day was spent making snacks and meals and hanging out in the living room.

We ended family time with dinner and the Falcons game. Then it was bath, bed, and some alone time for mommy.

And that, my friends, was our weekend. The next one is a little crazy in terms of events/commitments – Disney on Ice, possible garba, two birthday parties, and getting the kiddos over to my parents house because the packers come on Monday. AHHH!!!

By Parita

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