Ok guys, I know I’ve said this before and then left things hanging, but I’m really trying to get better about blogging here. This space used to be my everything, and understandably in the past few years, it’s fallen off my priority list. However, as I was running errands this morning, I was thinking about the things that bring me true joy, and MIS is definitely one of them. And with IG feeling like an abyss right now, good old fashioned blogging sounds so fun and refreshing. Finally, I still LOVE to go back and read old posts. In a way, this space is really my portal into the past, and I want to say that years from now as well.

Anyways, to make an already long idea short…I’m going to try my hardest to be a semi-regular blogger again!

With here’s a roundup of weekend, which ended up feeling both packed and spacious at the same time somehow!


Friday was a typical weekday, however, I did make some delicious black bean burgers by Vegan Richa that the whole family enjoyed. I ended up making bowls for me and Vishnu with some quinoa, salsa, sour cream and cheese, and for the kids, we did quesadillas (always a fav).

I honestly can’t remember what we did after putting the kids to bed. Vishnu was on call on Saturday, so I’m pretty sure he got in bed a little after me.


Like I said, Vishnu was on call on Saturday (in his case this means he goes into the hospital for a 7a-4p shift (but usually it’s more like 7a to 5:30/6p)).

Kaiden, Mila and I enjoyed a slow morning. And then around noon, my BIL and SIL came to pick up K and take him on an adventure of a lifetime! My BIL got tickets to the Paw Patrol Live show. You guys have no idea how much fun Kaiden had. He was living out his wildest dreams – Marshall, Chase, Ryder and the gang along with a side of cotton candy!

Later, my dad came over, we ate dinner (one of my favorite chole recipes!), and then after putting the kids to bed, Vishnu and I headed to a close friend’s 40th birthday party.

The party was so fun. We really did luck out with our group of friends. There’s never a shortage of laughter and fun conversation. And the taco bar was on point too – #chipsandquesoforlife!

We didn’t go to bed until about 1:15 so there’s that…and of course, K was up at 6:20 am. I got him to lay in bed with us until about 6:50 but even that was pushing it!


So yeah…Sunday started early and with very little sleep!

Regardless, it ended up being a fun (and full) day.

I signed our family up for a local organization that plans cultural events and classes throughout the year, and the first class after signing us up was one about the flavors of India. So Kaiden and I headed there around 10 am. I wish I could tell you he had a blast and warmed up to the experience quickly. Neither of those things happened, but I’m glad we joined because it’s so well run and everyone was so kind. AND, as we’ve learned over the past year, our kid takes time to get used to new things. There’s nothing wrong with that…we just have to help him through it. I’m happy we have ample opportunities to do just that.

After we got home, Kaiden ate a snack and then we headed to our friends Jay and Chitra’s house or lunch and football. It was the Falcons opening game, which they lost…boo! But it was fun and entertaining watching the kids run around and be crazy!

Once we got home, I quickly pulled dinner together, and we got the kids ready for bed. Vishnu and I stayed up a little bit to talk, but I was definitely passed out by 9:30.

Like I said, we had moments of free time and space to just hang out, but the days felt very full in mostly good ways!

By Parita

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