Episode 4 of the Momsanity Podcast is now live! In this important episode, Amy and I talk about the notorious mom guilt.

Together, we discuss the fact that mom guilt is a social construct, why we believe moms take on so much guilt, how to release said guilt, and how to not make other people’s crap your own.

One thing I shared in particular is that the feeling of guilt can often mean you care. And that’s certainly still true. For example, if you feel guilty about going on a work trip, that doesn’t mean you are a bad/negligent mom. It means you care about your child(ren). Period.

After thinking about this some more, I’ve come up with something else our guilt may be telling us. Let’s take this scenario – it’s the end of the day, and your kid isn’t listening. Maybe he’s bouncing off the walls. Maybe he’s crying about taking a bath. You end up losing your cool a little. You raise your voice, get angry, etc. Annd then you feel guilty.

Again, this doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom. But what this is telling you potentially is that you need to go inwards. Why did you lose your voice? What triggered you? What’s missing? Where can you fill your cup a little more?

Of course, it’s ok to get upset. It’s normal and part of #momlife, however, if this happens repeatedly, your guilt is telling you something needs to change. That’s all!

Again, no shaming yourself or dwelling on the not so great moment. Just take a breath, and when you get a chance, go inwards.

Ok, that’s all I’ll say about this episode. I highly recommend listening!

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By Parita

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