There are days when I’m in complete disbelief that Kaiden is starting Kindergarten next week. And there are days when his sassy self talks my ear off that I can completely believe it! HAHA!

Pre-K grad and mustering up mom courage

Kaiden graduated from pre-K last Thursday, and his school did an amazing job with the ceremony and celebration. There was a whole program, and our little guy had a very short speaking part and was front and center for all the singing and dancing. Saying good-bye to his friends and teachers was hard, and K was definitely emotional when we got home. He went upstairs to change, and then out of the blue, we heard him screaming. We checked to make sure he wasn’t hurt, and then I just held him because my mama heart knew he was just sad. Like mommy like son! He’s so much like me in so many ways it blows my mind!

He’s been much better since then, and that’s probably because he’s seen and hung out with his grandparents a ton. Speaking of, he’s at my parents house at the moment! We’ll see how things go when he starts school next week! Thankfully, his school has a couple of events leading up to the big day. Hoping that eases the transition a bit.

Vishnu worked this past weekend, so I decided I would use my mom powers and take the kids out on my own. On Saturday morning, we went to breakfast in our neighborhood. It was actually so fun! Kaiden colored, ate, and talked, and Mila ate! HA! So thankful she’s an ‘easier’ baby in many ways.

And then on Sunday afternoon, I took the kids to my best friend’s house to play and have dinner. Of course, there I had extra hands to help with Mila, and K was engrossed in playing with my friend’s daughter, but again, proud of myself for actually venturing out. The older I get, the more I realize how much of a homebody I am! And while that’s great to an extent, I love being out and about with the kids and having them experience new things, places, and people. Just have to muster up the courage and tell yourself you can are the world’s greatest solution finder (in the off chance you need to do some quick thinking!).

Momsanity Podcast updates

If you follow me anywhere, you probably already know that Amy and I launched Momsanity, our podcast! Y’all! This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I love coaching and Awarify so much and find it truly fulfilling, but Momsanity is simply put…a blast! And like with anything else I chose to take on right now, I feel like the impact it has had already and will continue to have on moms is profound. Amy and I want to make moms feel less alone in their experiences, and this platform will really allow us to do that.

In episode one, we introduce ourselves, talk about our definitions of Momsanity and mom friends, share a couple of our recent relatable Momsanity stories, and dig into the myth of doing it all.

In episode two, we talk about the emotional polarities of motherhood and keeping up with the Joneses. And in episode three, we’re talking about all things relationships and partnerships, and we have two very special guests joining us to share their POV too!!

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or our RSS feed via our host. If you tune in and like what you hear, please consider subscribing, rating + reviewing, and signing up for our Momsanity community (as a bonus, you’ll get our Working Moms Dream Big workbook).

With that, I’m going to pack up to pick up my soon-to-be Kindergarten boy! I promised him lots of playground time, ice cream, and fun in the next few days. Here’s to delivering just that!

By Parita

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