Taking it back to really old school blogging with this post! Sharing a few of my current favorite reads, listens, foods, etc.

Currently reading

I just finished Book Lovers and absolutely adored it! I’m currently reading Every Summer After and really enjoying how the story is unfolding. Two great summer reads!

Currently listening to

Podcasts! And lots of them! But my current favorites are Good Inside with Dr. Becky, We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle, and Healthy in Real Life with the Fitnessista.

Currently eating…

Berries – blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Can’t get enough!

Yogurt bowls – Full-fat Greek yogurt, cinnamon, peanut butter, mix of berries, and Purely Elizabeth chocolate hazelnut granola. SO SO SO GOOD!

Egg toast – toasted bread, Greek yogurt cream cheese, fried egg, and Sriracha. Could eat this every day and not grow tired of it!

Currently watching

Believe it or not…nothing! This is Us just finished, and we also finished the Ozarks recently. I’m kind of enjoying our TV free nights (and getting to bed earlier!).

Currently looking forward to

Kaiden’s 5th birthday party and his actual birthday! He’s been talking about it for months, and I’m so excited to celebrate my sweet boy! Five really seems to be a turning point for us. He’s a much better listener, he’s able to communicate in a gentler way (most of the time), and he’s just so so affectionate and sweet (especially with me!). And not to mention some of the things he says…just hilarious.

I’m also looking forward to launching a PODCAST! My friend and fellow coach Amy and I are doing the dang thing and starting a new exciting project together. I can’t wait to share more! The trailer will be up in mid-July and the first episode will be ready for your ears at the end of July. AHHH!

Almost 5 years ago! Can’t believe it!

Currently thinking about

Intrusive thoughts! I have so many tools at my disposal to combat and work through unhelpful thoughts, and yet I find intrusive thoughts so hard to get rid of. These are hypothetical thoughts that take me down rabbit holes that are super dark and grim. Not fun at all.

My currently strategy is to remind myself that everything is ok right now and take as many deep breaths as I need. Any and all strategies take practice and repetition, so I’m working on it. It’s definitely better than it was a few months ago, but I’d like to not even go there if at all possible.

Currently trying

Daily stretching and a nightly sleep meditation. I use the Peloton app for both and absolutely love all the classes. I could definitely use a bit more zen (see above) and these two (almost) daily practices are helping.

Currently dreading

This heat wave we’re experiencing. It is BRUTAL! I used to go for daily walks with Mila round noon, and now we don’t leave the house. It’s super hot and uncomfortable, and I’d definitely need another shower if I attempted outdoor walks right now.

Currently wearing

Joggers and tees of course! But other than that, I found a few comfy summer dresses at Old Navy (dress 1, dress 2, and dress 3) that I’m loving. And I’m also loving the Lululemon stuff I picked up earlier this year and a few weeks ago. Vishnu got me a sizeable gift card for my 37th birthday, but then I got pregnant and decided to wait before buying anything. I’m not a Lulu shopper, so I stuck with basics like leggings, a sweatshirt (can’t find a link) and these really comfortable back in action tees that feel like butter!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now! Hope you’re all currently doing well!

By Parita

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