I got an interesting email the other day from someone who’s a long time blog reader. Essentially her question was if my family is as close as we seem on social media.

The short answer is yes. But the longer answer is a bit more complicated than that.

So yes, we’re close. My sister and I were raised to be close…lol. My mom never let us forget that we are sisters and that we always have to be there for each other. And we’re super close to our parents too. In fact, we have a group chat with just the four of us that we use daily.

I’m also very close to my in laws. Since before we got married, they’ve truly treated me like a daughter.

I’m close to Vishnu’s brother and his wife, and he’s close to my sister and her husband. My sister and her husband have a great relationship with Vishnu’s brother and his wife. In fact, they hang out without us all the time!

BUT, that being said, things are not always harmonious. We are humans with human emotions and opinions and ideas. These things don’t always align with what everyone else is thinking and feeling. So, while we don’t have outright conflict and drama, things are not always happy-go-lucky.

My sister and I snap at each other. I get upset with my parents and/or get snappy. My parents don’t always react the way we want them to. Same goes for Vishnu’s family.

Again, we’re only human. Ha! The difference with us is that we don’t stay upset. Hence why you see my family so much on here and IG.

Important reminder – what you see on social media, on my blog/IG page, or anyone else’s is just a small glimpse into a much greater dynamic. You will NEVER entirely know what’s going on for someone or their family just by following them or checking in on their updates. No one does or can share it all.

So if your family doesn’t get along 100% of the time, congrats and welcome to the club! There are millions of families just like yours across the world.

By Parita

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