I know I haven’t been sharing here much these past couple of weeks, but I’m changing things up today given we’re at the tail end of 2021 and sharing some of my key reflections (borrowing this idea from Brittany of A Healthy Slice of Life!). This isn’t a ‘look at all that I’ve accomplished’ list but more of a here’s what went down, what went well, and what could’ve been better.

Let’s jump right into it…

What was it like in the beginning?

To be completely honest, I started 2021 with a lack of clarity about whether or not I wanted to try for another child. I had an a-ha moment in my iPEC module in mid-January that led me to the conclusion that I did in fact want to try. By the end of the month, we were pregnant (very very fortunate).

I also had lots of hopes about Covid being a non-threat this year since the vaccine was starting to be rolled out.

And finally, lots of stressors about our move – would we find a place to live that we liked, how Kaiden would adjust, etc.

What worked well and what didn’t?

For the majority of the year, I wasn’t a great delegator and felt like I had to take the world on my shoulders. Later on in the year, I learned that I didn’t need to do that and that no one expected me to either. That realization was everything, and now I’m learning how to be a better delegator. Makes me a better human.

Also, with Kaiden, both Vishnu and I are learning what works and what doesn’t. For example, we can’t spring anything on him. He’s unable to pivot and adjust so we have to prep him waaaay in advance. Timers work, as well as positive reinforcement. Threats, punishment, and coercion don’t work with him!

Therapy works for me. Just thinking I can think my way out of certain thoughts/emotions, doesn’t/didn’t work.

My blog and IG space being truly for my own fulfillment works for me. What doesn’t work is posting and sharing for others, to drive up #s and engagement, etc. Leaving all of that in 2021!

What were the most important conversations and connections?

All of my conversations with Vishnu about parenting, our move, our career choices, our marriage, etc. were important and critical and continue to be.

My sister and I have had some amazing conversations as well this year, and I truly cherish my relationship with her.

And finally, reconnecting with all of my close friends in Atlanta has been super important/special to me.

What was the best entertainment?

Kaiden. Haha! He’s grown so much this year, it’s incredible when I think about it. He talks a mile a minute and always has a story to tell or a question to ask. Definitely my favorite form of entertainment is hanging out with him!

Who mattered?

My family. My friends. My online community. ME!

I’ve found a different kind of voice through my writing this year, and I’m so thankful for that, as well as my IG space and this blog. This truly is an outlet for me, and I love the community that’s grown along with me. So very special.

What changed?

The better question is what hasn’t changed. HAHA!

Well, we have an additional member of our family. We moved back home to Atlanta. Vishnu has a new job, so our finances have changed (lol!). I spent the last 3ish months on maternity leave, which was an adjustment at first, but I love it.

In a sense, everything changed for me/us, and in some ways, it’s all the same. We’re still the same crazy people we were a year ago, just in a different place.

Where did you find happiness and fulfillment?

I truly find the most happiness spending quality time with people I love. There’s nothing better than creating memories and having fun while you’re at it.

I also find a ton of fulfillment in processing my thoughts and ideas through writing. And secondary to that, connecting with people via my writing.

What did you learn?

I’m a lot stronger, mentally, physically and emotionally, then I give myself credit for.

And also, fear isn’t going to change the outcome of a situation. In fact, it’s probably just going to make your journey a living hell. Grounded hope is what I’m taking with me into the new year.

What is actually ending?

Not sure…will need this think about this one some more!

What do you want more of?

Quality time with family and friends. Travel. Time to write and reflect. More real life fun moments -> less online sharing of said moments. Hope. Lightness. Rest. Play. Laughter. Kindness.

The list goes on…

I hope you find some time to reflect on this past year and what you want your 2022 to look and feel like!

By Parita

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