Taking a more holistic approach to my health this time around is proving to be helpful…feels more balanced to be honest. This week was good in some ways and definitely showed me areas of improvement in others (another reason why I like the four categories I picked – helps break things down a bit more).

General thoughts

A few things I forgot to share last week…

Measuring overall progress – In light of keeping it real, I am weighing myself about once a week/every two weeks right now, but my main focus from a postpartum body perspective is how my clothes fit. And more importantly, how I feel on a day-to-day basis. Do I feel strong? Am I exhausted? Do I feel depleted? Am I reacting more than responding?

Length of workouts – I shared last week that my plan right now is to do a mix of strength, cardio, and core rehabilitation workouts. In terms of length of each workout, right now I’m able to manage 20-45 minutes on a given day depending on what’s going on, if the baby is napping, if anyone is around to help, etc.

Vitamins/supplements – In terms of vitamins and supplements, I’m currently taking a prenatal vitamin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, and a pre/probiotic.

Week 2 – Physical health journey

So this week was Friday-Thursday, and in that time, I squeezed in four workouts. Everything from Peloton rides (ranging from 30-45 minutes) to Peloton and Bodyfit by Amy* strength workouts. From a physical health perspective, it was a good week.

I will say that I’m taking it much easier on my core than I did with Kaiden. Vishnu really wants me to be careful (rightfully so) because he knows how all in I can be with my workouts, and he doesn’t want me to create permanent damage somehow.

*Bodyfit by Amy is an amazing and free YouTube channel with hundreds of workouts and challenges that an be done at home (and some with no equipment). I’ve been doing Amy’s workouts since I was pregnant with Kaiden, and I can’t recommend them enough. She has everything from prenatal to postnatal, HIIT, strength training, pilates, tabata, etc.

Week 2 – Nutritional health journey

My sweet tooth is a little out of control, so I’m currently working on reigning it in a bit by coming up with alternative ‘treats’ for when the craving hits. Will share more as I experiment and learn.

I’m also focusing on adding more protein to my meals and snacks. For example, I’ve been making a nut mix at home with pecans, almonds, walnuts, and a few chocolate chips. I figure that’s better than eating chocolate chips on their own!

And finally, definitely working on increasing my veggie intake. Step one – eating more salads for lunch!

Week 2 – Mental health journey

Still keeping up with therapy! Love my therapist so so much as well as the relationship we’re building.

I’m reading again and started with ‘The Midnight Library.’ Mainly squeezing in pages while I pump, but that’s better than mindlessly scrolling!

My parents are coming to help me this weekend since Vishnu’s on call and working 7a-4p+ both Saturday and Sunday. Woo hoo for living in Atlanta!

Week 2 – Social health journey

Last week, I talked about how I was going to try new ways to control my social media usage. Turns out I don’t need anything new. I just need to go back to my old rules. So from now on, I’m capping my time on IG to 100 minutes/day. After that, I delete the app from my phone. Hopefully this helps!

In terms of our social life, we have a white elephant get together this weekend with friends. Vishnu’s also going to a Hawk’s game with friends on Friday. And last weekend, we had friends over for dinner andK + V went to a Santa event. Given the fact that we have a newborn at home, I feel like this aspect of our life is on track. We don’t attend everything we’re invited to, but because we personally need friend time and want Kaiden to be out and about with new friends, we’re weighing our choices accordingly.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week! Wish me luck for week 3!

By Parita

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