First and foremost, this post isn’t sponsored by Aquaphor. Although, if they saw how many tubs of their ointment we have, that might change!

Our love affair with Aquaphor began when Kaiden was just under a year old. Chicago winters are no joke, and this ointment was the only thing that kept him super moisturized. We still cover him in it post-bath. It’s his ‘cream!’

Given how much we loved it for Kaiden, Vishnu told me to use it religiously after having two bouts of horrible hives in 2019. And like K, it’s the only thing I use post-shower. Nothing else has come close to Aquaphor and how protected it keeps me skin. And fingers crossed, I haven’t had hives since October 2019!

So now for the diaper trick we use with Mila…

After M was born, Vishnu was all about protecting her from diaper rashes. With Kaiden, we started using Desitin pretty much right away because he was so prone to rashes, but with Mila we wanted to be more proactive.

So now, with every diaper change, we first spread a good amount of Aquaphor on the inside of her diaper before putting it on her. This has been a game changer!

First, we’re eight weeks in, and not only has she not had a diaper rash, but her bum is never red (and gf goes through A LOT of diapers!). Second, the layer of Aquaphor makes clean up a breeze because nothing sticks to her bum. I used to dread diaper changes with Kaiden, but with Mila we’re done in a few minutes, and I feel 100% certain that she’s cleaner than clean (also preventing any rashes or other issues).

A couple of notes:

  1. If you’re going to use Aquaphor on both your baby’s bum and body, I recommend having two separate tubs. Just in case!
  2. Costco sells Aquaphor ointment in a two pack for ~$20, which is so much cheaper than what you’ll find in other stores/Amazon. Vishnu made a trip the other day and came home with five 2 packs! Given 3 out of 4 people in our household use this, we go through tubs pretty quickly.

If your baby is still in diapers, I highly recommend trying this little trick out. Thank me later!

By Parita

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