Ahhh another weekend came and went. I know I’ve always been like ‘guys, time is flying by,’ but with two kiddos, time is REALLY flying. Vishnu and I joke (kind of) that we look at the clock and it’s 7 am and when we look again in five minutes it’s 12 pm and then 7 pm. And then boom it’s the next day – rinse and repeat!

This weekend was no different. It was a little more packed than usual but still fun.

On Friday morning, my best friend texted and asked if we wanted to get together for dinner that night. Her, her husband and her daughter came over, and we had so much fun talking, playing, and eating. For years, we’ve talked about how great it will be when we live closer to each other, and I’m so thankful that time is now. There’s nothing better than having a core group of friends that are more like family. It’s also so crazy to see some of my best friends become parents. Weren’t we just in college the other day with no responsibilities, no real insight into what was to come…?

On Saturday morning, Vishnu and Kaiden headed out pretty early for a breakfast with Santa with another friend, her husband, and their son. Kaiden was really looking forward to seeing his friend and Santa (or so I thought), but Vishnu called and told me that Kaiden refused to step near Santa and didn’t want a picture with him. Given our past positive experiences with Santa, I was a little surprised by this, but oh well…there’s always next year! They headed to a nearby park afterwards and had so much fun. K was exhausted by the time his head hit his pillow – a sign of a good time!

While Vishnu attempted to get K to go near Santa, I tried to conquer Ms. Mila and her catnaps. Not sure what’s going on, but our great little sleeper is not such a great daytime napper anymore. I’ve been reading more about wake windows and planning to be stricter about those this week. Fingers crossed that we hit a better groove with her, but we’ll see! I didn’t know about wake windows with K (or many other things), and while I’m thankful to have more knowledge this time around, it almost feels worse having a name for it. Ha…you can’t win!

A resource I found online that I’m following. Wish us luck!

On Sunday, my in laws came over in the morning and hung out with us for a few hours. Again, it’s so nice to have all our loved ones so so close. Makes everything so much easier!

And one again, Vishnu and K headed to piano and I tried my best to get Mila to nap (no dice!). Piano went well at least! K learned how to play Jingle Bells, but of course, he wouldn’t play for me when he got home.

And that was our weekend in a nutshell. Nothing crazy and totally normal and just the way I like it (except the naps…I want her to sleep more!).

By Parita

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