As I’ve been sharing on all my social channels and this blog, Vishnu and I are SUPER excited about Christmas this year. More than anything, we really want to make it a special time for Kaiden. He’ll be just about 4.5 on Christmas this year and hasn’t had an amped up at home celebration yet.

Personally, this holiday is all about family, reflection and gratitude. Sure, when I was younger, presents were the main focus, and they’re great and all, but I want to instill these three things in Kaiden much sooner. It’s so easy to get carried away at his age with gifts and giving him all the things, but Vishnu and I are hyper focused on making sure that doesn’t happen.

To help us stay focused on what matters, we’re following a category approach for this year’s presents. Kaiden will get something he WANTS, something he NEEDS, something to WEAR, something to READ, and something to DO. That means, he’ll get five presents from us, which I think is plenty. I already have or have ordered the need, read, and do presents. Now I just need to find out what he really wants and get him something to wear (I think this will be easy because he LOVES superheroes right now).

We’ll also ensure our family understands our parameters and doesn’t get things he doesn’t really need. Kaiden is the kind of kid who would rather play with the box a toy came in versus the toy itself. I absolutely love that about him, but it does make presents a bit harder!

Anyways, I thought I’d share our approach in case it helps someone else who’s struggling with keeping their kid grounded this holiday season while getting them some fun things.

By Parita

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