I first typed “Friday Thought and Things” and then thought, “Wait. That doesn’t sound right.” This alone should tell you how our days are going…fast and slow depending on what’s going on at the moment.

It’s crazy to me how so much happens in a day but then when you look back, you’re like what did I even do! Right now, my goals are to make sure Kaiden is ok emotionally, Mila is fed and sleeping somewhat regularly, Vishnu and I check in with each other every day, I get my pumping sessions in, and I TRY and sleep when I can (not very successful with this one). Everything else can wait! Oh and there’s also bottle washing and laundry. With regards to the latter, we’re usually pulling washed clothes out of the basket or dryer for days before things get folded and put away. Such is life right now!

Life isn’t as routine as I’m making it sound. In fact, I’d say we don’t have a true routine down just yet. Vishnu and I feel like we’re getting close though. Let’s take this morning for example, Vishnu started work at 7 (from home). I woke up at 6:50 (despite setting an alarm for 6:15). Kaiden woke up as soon as I started heading downstairs. As I was getting his breakfast ready, Mila woke up crying. Long story short – it was chaos between feeding Mila, getting her back down, getting Kaiden to school, etc. Needless to say, I was thankful for Mr. Television!

Life also isn’t as stressful as I make it sound sometimes (on here and on IG), but we’re definitely feeling some stress around the viruses that are circulating right now. At the same time, we feel ok with some of the measures we’re taking. For example, we’re only seeing people who are healthy and vaccinated (and thankfully, most of our family and friends have gotten their booster shot as well). For example, we’re going to a Friendsgiving dinner this week and taking Kaiden. I don’t feel super stressed about that. Mila will stay home. And for actual Thanksgiving, we’re getting together with both of our families, but we’ll have Kaiden wear a mask and so will we. And if anyone wants to hold or get close to MIla, we’re going to ask they put on a mask too. While earlier on in the pandemic, we said no to pretty much anything that had us about and about with people, we’re now taking a different approach where we weight out risks and benefits and go forward from there. Feels a bit more freeing to us too given that Covid is probably going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future.

Ok, enough about that. Let’s talk Christmas. We put our tree up last weekend, and my mom was like aren’t you supposed to do that after Thanksgiving. I told her we don’t care because we’ve waited a long time to put up our own tree, and we want Kaiden to enjoy it for as long as he can. It’s his first tree too! We’ve always been in Atlanta for the holidays, but this year we’re obviously staying put. AND we’ll be together as a family, whereas in the past, it was pretty likely Vishnu wouldn’t be able to join us or only for a short time.

AND this year we have Mila!!! It’s her very first Christmas and we want to go big!

AND Vishnu and I are pretty much big kids right now. We’ve bought so many ornaments, matching family PJs, hot chocolate, etc. We’re ready baby!

Speaking of Vishnu, he isn’t working any major holidays until 4th of July 2022! Woo hoo! As much as I complained about residency life, attending life isn’t so bad. There are still some downsides, but the upsides far outweigh everything else.

In other personal happy news, I found the PERFECT postpartum holiday dress. It’s comfy, affordable, and comes in multiple colors and prints. I wore it for our family pics and immediate bought one more because I loved it that much!

Let’s go back and talk about Thanksgiving for a minute. What’s on your menu? For Friendsgiving, I’m bringing mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. For our family Thanksgiving, my in laws are ordering Indian food, but we are doing traditional desserts. I’m bringing pecan pie brownies. Can’t wait!

Ok, that’s enough thoughts and things from me! Have a great Wednesday!

By Parita

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