First and foremost, I’m really really hoping to bring back old school blogging on this space. I used to share here so frequently with updates, life happenings, more topical posts, etc. But with how much blogging has changed over the years, I didn’t think that was really what people wanted to read. Welllll…I’ve decided that if people don’t want to read those kinds of posts, they won’t click over. If I want to keep MIS the blog alive, I need to write about the things that interest me.

With that, here’s a little rundown of our weekend…


Friday was Vishnu’s last day of paternity leave. Oh man! I have so many emotions about this. I told him I wish he got 16 weeks like me and made him laugh. As much as he’s enjoyed being home for the past few weeks, I think he’s really looking forward to going back and using his brain in a different way.

I wish I could say we did something special to celebrate his time at home and return to work, but we didn’t. With Mila on an every 2.5-3 hour feeding schedule, time just flies by. It’s like we go from 7 am to 12 pm in a matter of minutes.

While we didn’t celebrate during the day, we did go to my parents’ house for a family Diwali dinner on Friday night. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone, catching up, and eating some delicious food. My mom was the hostess with the mostess – her decor was beautiful and so welcoming. We ended our time there by reading some of Kaiden’s favorite Diwali books (the adults loved this too!).

When we got home, Vishnu put Mila down and then we watched Sex Education on Netflix (such a great show by the way) while I pumped.


Saturday was a slow day overall. We ‘slept in’ until about 8/9 am because Kaiden spent the night at my parents’ house, so we could go back to sleep after Mila’s morning feed. Felt so good! But I missed my older guy a lot.

Again, the day passed by in 3 hour increments with some Sex Ed. mixed in here and there along with a few pumping sessions. Before we knew it, my parents were dropping K back off because we had a family photo session in the morning.

Vishnu and I finished Sex Ed. that night. Good news…season 4 is coming soon…yay!


Sunday morning was probably the most hectic of all. Convincing Kaiden to put his sweater on took 30 minutes! Then I had to get ready – iron my dress, straighten my hair, and put on my makeup. Thankfully, we were all ready by 10 am which is when our photographer arrived.

Don’t let this picture fool you! Was literally sweating during our photo session…and was just a little frazzled!

The session itself was so much fun! Kaiden kept everyone on their toes with his silly expressions and movements, but I’m positive we got a few frame worthy shots!

The rest of the day involved coloring and some time outside (66 degrees!).

A few notes

Taking care of one kid versus two is much much easier (duh!), but you don’t realize how much easier until your parents take one off your hands for a night. I missed Kaiden so much…he keeps things interesting around here and can be a bundle of fun (90% of the time). But he had a really fun time with my parents. In fact, he didn’t want to come home at all. If we didn’t have pictures, I would’ve let him stay another night.

Sleep is critical. Always. But especially when you have young kids. The irony here is that when you have young kids, sleep is hard to come by. I definitely need to find a way to squeeze in a couple of more hours because 4-5 hours of broken sleep a night isn’t cutting it.

Most people may already know this, but it took me by surprise so I’m sharing – if you’re seeing a therapist and you end up rehashing a lot of what’s been going on for you lately, those emotions will all be front and center all day. I had a session last Thursday and felt off the rest of the day emotionally. I think it’s because we talked at length about my second hospital stay, overall emotional state, etc. Also, while I believe in the power of acknowledging and validating, I don’t always hear those things from many people in my life. So to hear my therapist A/V me a ton, it just meant so much.

Well, that’s all I have for today! Hope y’all had a great weekend.

By Parita

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