Mighty Mila’s (that’s my nickname for her) birth story isn’t as crazy as her big brother’s. In fact, the only thing that had me on edge was if she decided to come early and what that would mean in terms of her delivery. Thankfully, she didn’t!

In terms of her fairly predictable birth story, here’s how it all went down…

On Sunday night, my parents came over (they were staying the week at our place to take care of Kaiden) and brought dinner. After a full Gujarati meal, I headed upstairs to look at my hospital bag one more time and ensure I wasn’t forgetting anything. Turns out, I didn’t use half of what I brought!

After doing a few more things to prepare for the big day, Vishnu and I went to bed. We had to be at the hospital by 6:30 am since my c-section time was set for 9:00 am. I was up at 5:00 to shower and get ready. I couldn’t eat anything after 11 pm the night before, so I didn’t have to think about breakfast (although I wanted to eat so bad!). Vishnu grabbed a coffee protein shake, and we headed off to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital, we checked in at the front desk and headed to the triage area where I changed out of my clothes and into a gown. We didn’t have to wait long until our team of nurses and doctors came to check in on us and get the ball rolling. I had an IV put in, met with our anesthesiologist, and was walked through how the next couple of hours would go.

It was soon time to head to the OR. I went in first and had my spinal tap. They laid me down pretty quickly and the bottom half of my body went numb. The room got very busy with various nurses and assistants coming in to prep everything. Once my doctor arrived, things started moving fairly quickly. Vishnu was allowed back, and pretty soon, I could start to feel some pressure in my abdomen area. Nothing painful, just tugs and pulls here and there.

Let me back up, just so I cover my emotional state. Once they put the curtain up, things became very real for me. I started crying immediately and couldn’t stop. Vishnu was talking to me the whole time and really made me feel better and more calm. The tears didn’t stop flowing though. Not quite sure what made me cry, but I think it was just knowing we would be meeting our baby girl very soon and that I would no longer be pregnant ever again.

Anyways, once the tugs and pulls started, it was just a matter of time before I could literally feel the doctor pull Mila out of my body. It was the most incredible feeling ever! They quickly showed her to us over the curtain and then took her to get clean and measured, etc. I didn’t get the best look but was just so happy to hear her cry.

Vishnu got to see her first, and when he came back, I was like, “How is she?!” He told me she’s my mini me and looks exactly like me. Woo hoo!

A nurse brought her over to us soon thereafter, and again, I couldn’t stop crying! She was so alert and sweet.

The doctor continued to stitch me up, and Vishnu and Mila headed back to the triage room.

Once I joined them in triage, I was able to hold Mila and feed her some colostrum, do skin to skin, etc.

In some ways, this was the birth experience I never got with Kaiden. With him, it was chaotic from the start, and I honestly don’t remember much aside from feeling very cold in the OR and obviously seeing him for the first time.

I’ve shared many times that Ms. Mila is the fourth and final addition to our little family. Vishnu and I made the decision a while back that we would stop at two kids, and I have to say, she is THE perfect addition. She’s absolutely perfect and adorable and lovable and eatable! I love all the faces she makes, her chill personality (so far!), how she loves to sleep..seriously though, gf would sleep all day if we let her, how strong she is already, and so much more.

I honestly never cared if we had a boy or a girl next and would’ve been happy either way, but I will say, it’s fun thinking about all the things Mila and I will hopefully get to do together as she gets older. And most of all, I’m so excited to see how her and Kaiden’s dynamic evolves. Big bro definitely adores his little sister and is always looking for her and wanting to kiss her feet! It’s the sweetest.

Vishnu and I are extremely tired, but we’re also very aware of how blessed and lucky we are to call these two beings our children. This party of four is ready for the ride of a lifetime!

By Parita

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