This was our last weekend as a family of three! It’s hard to believe she’ll be here so so soon (starting this post on Saturday night). I wanted to document this time because I’m sure I’ll look back in the near future and want to recall some memories.

In some ways, this was the exact weekend we wanted/needed. And in other ways, it wasn’t what I imagined it would be.


Friday was mine and Vishnu’s last day of vacay. We dropped Kaiden off to school in the morning and headed to the hospital for my Covid test…a pretty simple process. Vishnu dropped me off at home afterwards and headed out for more errands (Costco run, gas, car wash). And I sat my butt on the couch and watched Baby Sitter’s Club on Netflix (season 2 was just released!).

Once VIshnu was home, we ate lunch and headed to our final doctor’s appointment. The appointment went well overall. We had an ultrasound done (love this part!) and a stress-test, which took forever. Apparently, baby girl was moving a ton so that kept messing up a part of the results. We were there for 2 hours!

Once home, I reparked my butt on the couch and watched another BSC episode. Before I knew it, it was time to go get Kaiden (which Vishnu did because at this point, I’m not driving or going anywhere I don’t absolutely have to).

Then…it was play (mostly draw and color/run around), dinner (I made a pineapple, tofu, coconut rice dish. Kaiden ate rice and small bites of everything else), bath, PT exercises, and bed.

Vishnu and I settled in on the couch (yet again) and watched two episodes of Sex Education (on Netflix). Loving this show so far!


Saturday morning started off fun, with Kaiden letting me lay in his bed for about an hour while he played. This was much needed because mama has not been sleeping that well at night.

We then hit a rough patch or two with Kaiden and some frustrations over what seemed like small things to me at least. But I kept my cool and we rode that wave relatively quickly.

We then ate breakfast and let Kaiden watch a bit of TV which Vishnu and I adulted over some health insurance stuff! Ha!

The next couple of hours were spent running around (Kaiden…not me!), making some snacks for K for next week, and setting up a few more things around the house before baby girl arrives!

Our after lunch plans were to get some custard at a local place, but I was so tired and pretty much couldn’t get off the couch. Kaiden and Vishnu both told me it’s ok and that we could get custard tomorrow (Sunday). Love my boys.

Kaiden then watched Moana while I napped on the couch next to him. This is where things didn’t go the way we planned. This was supposed to be a family movie we watched together. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt! Luckily my little guy was very forgiving and didn’t mind watching on his own.

To make it up to him, we spent the next hour or so learning how to draw Moana from a YouTube video. I have to say, I’m not a super artistic person, but I really enjoy drawing and coloring, especially with Kaiden. It’s kind of our thing now!

I quickly pulled together a lunchbox dinner for K while Vishnu went to grab some food for the two of us. And of course, we listened to Moana songs while we ate!

Then came bath and PT exercise time. Not my finest moment to be honest. Kaiden is great at paying attention when he wants, but then when it comes to something he needs to do, he definitely zones out and goofs off (re: during his PT exercises). He knows that if he doesn’t do these every day he’ll have to wear special boots, which none of us want for him. We try to make it fun with songs and timers and whatever else we can, but sometimes it’s just so painful (for him and us). So yesterday, I just kind of lost it. I did some repair before bed, but this kid really knows how to push my obviously big buttons. We’re working on it!

After putting Kaiden to bed, I took a quick shower, Vishnu finished up Squid Games, and then the two of us settled in to finish off season one of Sex Education. It’s so good, y’all!


Our last day before baby girl arrives! Sunday started a little later than normal for me because Vishnu and K let me sleep in a little. Then Kaiden got in bed with me to snuggle (never happens!) and was just so sweet. Brought tears to my eyes (and made me feel better about the night before).

We then came downstairs, ate breakfast, and got some things done around the house while Kaiden played and ran around. Tried my best to appreciate this because I know things are about to be verrrrry different for a while. Reminding myself that nothing lasts forever…enjoy it while it lasts.

The rest of the day included pumpkin carving (styrafoam from Target!), piano lessons (Kaiden loved his first lesson and his teacher), custard (finally!), and more cuddles with our soon to be big bro!

My parents are staying with Kaiden this week, since we’ll probably be at the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday. So thankful for them!

Also, I may have teared up quite a bit saying goodnight to Kaiden. So much so that even he teared up a little (not knowing why). So many emotions! So excited for him to meet his baby!

By Parita

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