Happy Friday from our new place in Atlanta! We’re here and settling in. It’s been a little under two weeks since we’ve moved in, and I’m happy to report that things are slowly coming together

I thought I’d share 5 random but relevant things today as they pertain to our life right now.

  1. Transitions are very very hard for kids. I obviously knew this going in to our move, but man, the way Kaiden has been adjusting took me by surprise. He’s the sweetest, gentlest boy ever, but his emotions have been all over the place lately. Again, totally 100% understandable, but you never know what will set him off. I’m hoping our new home, routine, etc. start to feel more natural to him in a couple of weeks (because that’s when daddy goes to work and mama will have to do a lot of the routine on her own!).
  2. I’m not going to lie and pretend that K was the only one experiencing heightened emotions. I was right there with him, especially when we just moved in and everything was everywhere. I had to stop, take a deep breath, and talk to Vishnu about how I was feeling because it was causing me to feel super overwhelmed. Thinking about the baby and all that we need to do to prepare for her arrival is already a lot, but add on 40+ boxes and crap everywhere, and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Thankfully, my husband knows me well and said all the right things to calm me down.
  3. Speaking of my husband, he’s truly a rock star. He’s been working day and night to make this place livable and homey. I LOVE HIM!
  4. In non-moving related news, we LOVE our Peloton bike. Both Vishnu and I have been using it over the past couple of weeks, and while it’s definitely an investment, we’re so glad we made it. Definitely makes working out super fun…our legs hate us immediately afterwards, but they’ll thank us later!
  5. I’m going to be reunited with my sister (and BIL) after a whole month! This is huge for me/us because I used to see them at least once a week. They’re also moving to Atlanta but are currently in a transition state because the home they purchased is still being built. They’ve also been traveling a little this month, so they’re not quite back yet, but they’re here until Monday. And I’m so glad we’ll get to see them a bit this weekend! Kaiden is also super excited to see his masi and masa!

Ok, that’s all I have for now. I hope y’all have an awesome Friday and weekend!

By Parita

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