My little guy is FOUR today!

I know it’s so cliche to say, but it really does feel like he grew up in a blink of an eye. I still remember everything leading up to his birth as if it happened yesterday. I remember the exact moment we heard him cry and when the nurse placed him on my chest. I remember taking him home, and Vishnu driving like 30 MPH down Chicago Avenue.

And then boom!

One day we wake up and he’s FOUR!

Kaiden is truly the sweetest boy with the biggest heart. He loves everything and everyone, and my favorite part is that he isn’t afraid to show it! He wears his big old heart on his sleeve.

He’s kind and loving and smart and sassy and emotional and fun and still very much a mama’s boy!

Happy birthday, K! I hope your day is magical, special, silly, fun and so much more! We love youuuuu!

By Parita

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