What a week! I thought all the snow we were/are getting in Chicago was/is bad, but then Texas got hit with some crazy (to say the least) weather. I’m so thankful we live in a city that’s prepped for what it faces. I can’t imagine what people in Texas are going through right now. As if Covid wasn’t enough…

Other than that, I’m really looking forward to the weekend because Vishnu and I are going on a little staycation at a local hotel in the city, and my sister and BIL are going to stay with K at our place. Vishnu’s had some crazy days lately, so at my sister’s insistence, we decided to take some time for us. It’ll be my first time leaving K in well over a year, and our first solo vacation in longer than that. Although, 2 nights away barely counts as a vacation, but it’ll be a nice short getaway nonetheless.

We’re not planning on doing much. Prob just order room service in, and if the weather cooperates, maybe go grab some coffee and go for a couple of short walks. Vishnu wants to sleep. I want to do that + read + cuddle and watch TV. Can’t wait!

Oh and we want to use the Peloton bikes at this hotel. Apparently I called to ask a few questions today, and the person I spoke with said they would bring us bikes to our room! WHAT?! I’ve never heard of that! I’ll report back on what that’s like!

Oh in other non-important news. Vishnu and I watched To All the Boys: Always and Forever last weekend. To be honest, I liked it but didn’t love it! The first one was definitely my favorite.

Also, does anyone else watch HS rom-coms and feel like their HS experience was nothing like that? I mean, I know it’s a movie, but still… They’re so mature with their feelings/language/etc. Funny!

Oh, I also finished The Nightingale this weekend. Such a beautiful, heartbreaking story…definitely keep the tissues handy. I ugly cried my way through this one!

And I’m not sure if I shared this yet, but Vishnu and I finished Schitt’s Creek a few weeks ago. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this show if you’re looking for a series to start. It took us like 8 episodes to really get into it, but once you start, you can’t stop! Definitely cried my way through the end of the last season.

That’s all I have for now! Just wanted to check-in and say hi. Hope y’all have a safe weekend. Sending all the warm vibes and prayers I can.

By Parita

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