Hello strangers! It’s been over a month since I’ve posted here. I don’t think that’s happened in 10+ years.

With MIS IG posts + Awarify IG posts and the newsletter, I’m finding it hard to keep up. Believe it or not, I even thought about giving up this space altogether. But I just couldn’t do it!

I think the key for me to keep posting here is taking all the pressure off. Even if I’m just popping in to say hi and share a quick life update, I’m going to do it. There’s so much happening this year, and I want it to be documented here. Wish me luck!

The biggest update I have is that we’re moving to Atlanta! We’re going home…this summer! Vishnu found a great job there, so it’s officially official now. Woo hoo! I can’t wait. Although all the packing and unpacking has me like…I wish I could snap my fingers and be there!

So more about that to come!

Ok, my January goals! I set some pretty specific (re: quantifiable) goals for the month because over time I’ve learned that just saying I want to ‘drink more water’ or ‘spend less time on IG’ isn’t helpful nor does it keep me accountable.

So here are my goals and how I fared…

Goal 1 – 10k + steps every day – I think I met this goal most days this month except for a handful. The secret? Indoor walking. Some mornings when I can’t make myself turn on a YouTube/Peloton workout video, I put my headphones in and walk around the apartment. I also turn some of my daily meetings into walking meetings. Super proud of myself for reaching this one!

Goal 2 – Drink 80 oz + of water a day – I achieved this goal every day except one. How do I know this? Because I woke up with a tremendous headache the next morning. Oofta! Not fun at all. That alone keeps me accountable to get that H2O in. The key here is to keep a huge glass/water bottle near you at all times. As soon as it’s empty, get up and refill it.

Goal 3 – Read 21 minutes every day – I think I met this goal most days. And I forgave myself on the days I didn’t because some days I definitely read for more than 21 minutes. I shared on IG that I shifted my reading goal this year from a certain number of books read to 21 minutes of reading time daily. I’m enjoying this much more, so that’s a win! I also finished ‘A Promised Land‘ and ‘Untamed.’ Not too shabby! The key here is set aside 21 minute chunk of your day to read. Schedule it in the way you would a meeting.

Goal 4 – <100 minutes of IG every day – I definitely didn’t meet this goal every day, BUT if you looked at my time spent on IG in months past, you’d see a HUGE improvement/change. This goal alone has changed so much for me. I may share a separate post about this soon because I think it’s important to take a deeper dive. The key here is self-control. I know, probably not what most want to hear, but trust me, it gets easier with time. The only days I totally went WAY over was the days surrounding the Capitol riots. Understandable, I think. But other than that, I’ve been right at that 100 minute limit or close to it. My sister’s keeping me accountable (I send her a screenshot of my total minutes spent on the app at the end of the day).

And that, in a nutshell, are my January goals. I’m going to stick with the same ones for February because I want to them to stick more and become a natural part of my day vs. goals I have to meet…if that makes sense.

I hope y’all had a good January! Did you set any specific goals for the month? Did you meet them?

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