It’s been a while since I’ve come on here and just shared…stuff. Like all the stuff – thoughts, plans, things, etc. That’s what this post is all about. Get excited!

So first and foremost, we’re doing well. Chicago and the state of Illinois are a bit of a Covid mess, but we’re doing ok. We don’t go anywhere, except the grocery store and to school (and Vishnu goes to the hospital), and we have no plans other than staying home for Thanksgiving. We’re ok. Not great, not completely down…just ok.

I say this because I feel like a lot of people are probably where we are right now. Usually around this time of year, we’d be going home to Atlanta or having family fly up to see us. None of that. But we’re still blessed with all that we have so trying to keep the focus on that this year.

I do have this heightened anxiety that K’s school and/or classroom is going to shut down because of Covid. Every time I get an email from his school, I go into panic mode. I’m not nervous about having him home with me (ok, maybe a little) but more so about him not being in the school environment. He loves it and thrives in it. Being at home with your working mom isn’t quite the same thing. But we’ll deal with that if/when we get there. Deep breaths!

And while I don’t have super high hopes for 2021, we do have some exciting things happening that I’ll share about soon. I also can’t wait to sit down with my new planner and fill in some key dates – birthdays, anniversaries, coaching stuff. I’m taking M-W off next week, and I plan to use some of that time to do some planning and strategizing for next year. Can’t wait!

Other than that, things are pretty much the same old.

OH! If you’re a working mom (however you define working), check out the workshop my friend Amy and I are hosting on December 4 from 12-1:30 pm CST. It’s going to be amazing. AND…we’re throwing in a FREE 1:1 coaching session with either Amy or myself for each participant.

A few books to share…

For toddlers:

Be Kind – a super cute story about the importance and impact of kindness.

Twas The Night Before Diwali – a super cute Diwali story about a little monster who visits your home to eat your mithai. We’ll definitely be reading this all year as K really loves this one!

The Celebration of Diwali – another Diwali favorite. This one is centered more around the story of Diwali and why we celebrate it. Kaiden LOVES this one!

Mama’s reads:

The Henna Artist – I’m not quite done with this one but can’t wait to sit down with it over the next few days! It’s a really captivating story!

Majesty – This is the sequel to American Royals, and I can’t wait to read this! AR had a real cliffhanger of an ending, and I can’t wait to see where this book takes us!

Well, that’s all for this Friday, folks! Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and WEAR A MASK! 🙂

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