iPEC talks a lot about the difference between different modalities – therapy, coaching, sports coaching, mentoring, and friendship. The differences may seem subtle but they’re really important.

Today I want to talk about the difference between talking to a coach vs. talking to your best friend. Obviously, you pay a coach for their services, but there’s more to it than that.

So unlike a friend, coaches are totally objective and non-judgmental. And while good intentioned, friends do seem to come with their own agenda. Which makes sense because they know you, they have assumptions based on past behaviors, and they even have biases that pertain to you. Friends are also more than likely happy to give you advice and share their experiences.

Most coaches, unlike friends, are trained professionals. They can focus on a particular area of your life and not give advice. Instead, they ask empowering questions to really get you to think about your goal, opportunity, etc. It’s all about you as a client! Coaches are trained to challenge you in a supportive way, whereas friends may not recognize or be willing to point out issues or things you need to work on.

Both coaches and friends have a role to play in our lives if you so choose. It really just depends on your goals and what you are looking for. If you want advice and someone to tell you what to do based on what they know about you, I’d say just go to a friend. But if you’re looking for that objective view/person that makes it all about you and really works hard to create sustainable change with you, I’d say go for a coach.

I hope that helps clear things up! As you can probably tell, I’m super passionate about coaching and want to share everything I’m learning along the way. Can’t wait to blog more about it all.

By Parita

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