…or it felt super short, I should say!

Vishnu and I both commented on how this weekend just flew by. I think that’s a direct reflection of how much easier it is to parent a 3 year old than a younger child. Maybe it’s just us, but while we still have our ups and downs with K, this age is just so much fun and easier to manage. Woo hoo!

Anyways, here’s a high-level overview of our weekend…

FRIDAY – productive, creamy mac n’ cheese (from a box!), Parks and Rec, Vishnu home late

SATURDAY – run with my sister, park time, lunch from Moti Cafe (so so), 2 hour nap (for me and K), simple dinner, ‘Love Wedding Repeat’ on Netflix (do not recommend!)

SUNDAY – park time with a friend, short nap (for K), quick grocery trip, delicious pasta dinner (by moi), more Parks and Rec (and lots of laughing out loud!)

Other things to note:

I hope you guys are ready for more coaching posts on here and on IG. I’ve been brainstorming topics and have so much to say!

Threenagers are a very real thing. VERY REAL!

While I was super impressed with my fellow Chicagoans resolve to wear a mask in enclosed spaces, I’m no longer impressed because people are slacking! I went grocery shopping this weekend and I saw people with the mask under their nose, under their chin, and surprise surprise hanging over one year. WHY!? IT’S NOT THAT HARD!

How is it AUGUST?! Like how?

I’m still loving my daily t-charts for my to do lists. I found the idea via Kamana Bhaskharan’s instagram account and it’s an amazing system! I’m so much more productive when I have my chart ready to go.

Ok, that’s all I have for today. Have a great Monday!

By Parita

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