I really wish all parents would broadcast the things their kids say (especially around the 2-4 age) because it’s so darn funny! Our little guy is a talker and always come up with the funniest (to me at least!) little sentences/phrases. Let me share a few examples…

Me: Kaiden, clean up all your toys before you start playing with something new.
Kaiden: [in a low voice] If you want to clean, you do it.

Ok fine, that was funny but fresh. Don’t worry, I talked to him about it!

Kaiden: I said you’re a silly goose.
Me: Who did you say that to?
Kaiden: To Augusta (his classmate).
Me: What did she say?
Kaiden: She didn’t say annnyyything.
Me: Oh, what did she do then?
Kaiden: She laughed and I said rawr!

Me: Ok, let’s say our prayers. Nana, nani…
Kaiden: No, just the ladies.

Me: God, we thank you for our health…
Kaiden: OH MY GOD!

Me: I’m going to give daddy a big kiss.
Kaiden: Aww, that’s so so sweet of you mama. So sweet!

[Walking out of his room one morning…]
Kaiden: Who’s that little man sitting right there? [It was Vishnu.]

Me: Ok, let me go get my phone and we can leave.
Kaiden: Mama, turn off the light.
Me: Why?
Kaiden: We don’t want to waste the light.

Me: Kaiden, you look so handsome.
Kaiden: Let’s go look in a mirror. [Upon seeing his reflection in the mirror, he stares and smiles.]

Kaiden: Mama, I’m going to fix your hair. Ok, you look so beautiful now!

And that, my friends, is the first edition of Kaiden Says the Darndest Things because I’m pretty certain there is more hilarity to come!

By Parita

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