I thought I’d share a day in the life update today, as things look a little bit different around here than they did even a month ago. I used to share this kind of post more often back in the day, and I love going back and seeing what our days looked like at various points in our lives. Oh how things hav changed!

Let’s dive right in…

5:45a – I randomly woke up and looked at the clock to see that it’s 5:45. I forgot to set my alarm! I usually wake up at 5:30. Gah!

6:00a – I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face, and changed out of my PJs before settling down at my desk to check emails and do a little bit of work.

6:30a – I heard Kaiden saying, “Mama, mama, I need to go poo poo,” so I ran to his room and to take him to the potty. He’s usually not up until 7:00, so this is a fun surprise! However, I’m still so thankful he wakes up and tells us he has to go versus going in his pull-up.

6:45a-7:50a – I attempted to continue working but not very successfully. I also made Vishnu a salad for lunch before making Kaiden a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. We then watched an episode of Pinkalicious. When I told him it’s time to brush his teeth, he told me to set a timer. After two timers, playing with his dinosaurs and dump truck, and cutting some paper with his scissors, we went to the bathroom to brush his teeth! Then we put on his socks and shoes. He jumped into his stroller and we were off!

7:50-8:20a – I dropped K off at school. Thankfully, it’s within walking distance. Also, I’m SO GRATEFUL that Kaiden loves going to school now. He asks, “Hey, mama. We going to school?” EVERY SINGLE DAY! Makes things so much easier!

8:20a-12:00p – Work, work, work, work. Mid-year review (!), meetings, reviewing documents, writing, project stuff, etc.

At 10a, I also ate my first meal of the day because I’m trying out intermittent fasting (only my 2nd week)! I definitely plan to share more about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, results, what I’m eating, etc. soon. Stay tuned!

12:00-12:45p – Workout break. I did a quick 30 minute PopSugar Fitness strength workout and took a quick shower as well.

12:45-4:00p – Work, work, work, work! I also ate my second meal at 1:45p because I was starving.

Vishnu came home around 2:00ish. Today was an academic day for him (he gets one every 2 week), but he still had to go to the hospital for a few things (he left the house at 7:15).

4:00p – Cleaned up around the house. Folded laundry and put dishes in dishwasher.

4:30p – Went to pick up K! Easily my favorite part of the day!

4:50-6:00p – PLAY, PLAY, PLAY

6:00-6:30p – Dinner time! We ordered pizza from Pequods for dinner. Kaiden and I shared a thin crust (half cheese and half pineapple/green olives) and Vishnu got a personal pan pizza with sausage and jalapenos. YUM!

6:30-7:30p – Bath time, reading time, bed time! It only took me three times to leave K’s room to be called back!

7:30-8:45p – Work, work, work. Wrapped up a few emails and worked on a project document.

8:45-9:15p – Typed up this post.

10:00p – LIGHTS OUT!

By Parita

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